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Yes We Rise| About Michelle, Inspiration Contributor
Michelle, Inspiration Contributor

I'm just a girl… striving to become the woman that I was designed to be.

A Communications Strategist by day, Michelle spends her spare time, pursuing her passions. A connector of people, and things. She can most often be found in the midst of work on behalf of her schools, church, sorority or family. She believes in the power of intentioned individuals to help serve and save each other. Her love for film and literature, has given her an insatiable drive to tell and help people tell their own personal stories. She believes that stories… words… have the power to heal… save and inspire. As such, Michelle recently completed her masters in film.
“We are not alone this in world... sometimes we go through things just so we can go back and show somebody else the way out. But too many of us keep the struggle to ourselves, ” she says.
Michelle loves to travel, laugh heartily, dance as if no one is watching and is a huge fan of cake!

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