About Jamesgirl

Jamesgirl, Mental health Contributor
Jamesgirl is a Philadelphia based writer who is an ally of education, a lover of the arts and a  visionary of improved quality of life for those struggling with depression and anxiety. She writes about the implications that the stigma of depression and anxiety have in the Black community. She also writes about modern black images and the societal impact on media, fashion, art, politics, etc.

She is a former teacher, currently studying to become a therapist and has performed in several community theater projects. Jamesgirl's blogger name is an ode to her daddy, James N. Gibson and writes in the spirit of who his life encouraged her to be.....passionate, creative, insightful, a touch controversial and hopefully inspiring.

Jamesgirl loves her family, the arts, intelligent debate, the writings of J. California Cooper and Toni Morrison and her native city of Philadelphia.


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