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Yes We Rise| About Goal D. Locs, Relationship Contributor
Goal D. Locs, Relationships Contributor

Bios frighten me. 

Usually they are filled with complicated labels revealing nothing. I’m so many things to so many people – mother, teacher, healer, leader – future author and I hold a multitude of degrees. In spite of being wonderfully educated, I have sat in welfare lines, faced eviction and foreclosure... I have faced extreme highs and deafening lows. But what does that tell anything?

My attempt: I’m an oxymoron – an introvert who extrovertly attracts people. A staunch Democrat with Conservative Rethug tendencies (yep I said it)... and a lover of truth. I love people who own and share their truth, mistakes and fears. These truths, mistakes, fears craft our greatness. I love sharing wonderful news and celebrating the success! Mine, yours, everyone!

I’m human, flawed... daily I seek and choose hope, faith, love and peace. Daily I want people – especially women – to find their inner-peace, joy and fulfillment.

"Society benefits when women are well."


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