Monday, June 15, 2015

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TRUTH...Let It Set You Free

Truth...Let it set you free, Michelle Hudgins | Yes, We Rise

Somewhere in the Litany of Life Lessons, there's a great big typo. Where it reads "..and pretend life is always well and the struggle isn't real," scratch through all of that! Life is hard. In fact, sometimes "ish" stacks up for several days/weeks/months in  a row as one unifying attack force with one singular mission, to seek and destroy your life. It is the epitome of a's a's sometimes downright impossible...and very real. The expectation is that we are just supposed to "soldier" along, not complain and keep it all bottled up inside. This is faulty thinking at best.

Consider that there are at least 7.125 billion people in the world. Do you really think that with all those of people on this little planet we're alone in struggle and shortcomings? Does it make sense that we should be suffering in solitude and silence considering how many other folks inhabit this thing we call Earth?  Let me help you out, the answer is NO!

Living your truth, being honest with yourself and your circle about your actually quite liberating. When you are able to be authentic with who you are...what you you feel, you take away the power those negative things have over you. Their impact lessens, and as they shrink in power your own power increases and you regain control. When you own who you are, there's no room for anyone else's stuff either. That is not say that you are not responsible to other people, because you are...but your responsibility does not require that you take their "ish" too. It simply requires that you help and be a blessing where and when you can.

When you are able to live your truth, other people see it. You have a peace about you that others find magnetic. They want to know what you are doing and begin to seek your advice and counsel about their own lives. By sharing what worked for you, someone else may find their own solutions.

Truth-Living Sets You Free. When you own who you are, faults and all, your mind is much less clouded. Your good days, begin to outweigh your bad days and you begin to attract those things, people and resources that support you and who you are. If you want change, you have to change your mind. You have to stop living for other people...stop denying who you are...stop allowing other people to determine your attitude and your altitude. honest. Speak up. Make decisions that serve you. Honor your heart. Let go of people and things that bring you down.  Do what you want to do. Claim that space that is uniquely your. Pursue your passion....BE FREE!

 Let that be your new litany.

Peace, Joy and Love,
Michelle Hudgins


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