Monday, June 22, 2015

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Culture In Crisis

Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all. Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. Let each know that for each the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves.
Nelson Mandela

We are living in profoundly troubling times. An entire swath of our citizenry is being hunted as if they were wild game. Innocent lives are being snuffed out and cut short. Cultures and identities are being misappropriated and perversions are being mainstreamed. It leaves one to ask, "What The HELL is going on?"

Without friends and family to contextually ground us and provide us a frame reference, we are all but a few 30-second news clips from believing that we have lost our minds. The depravity and sheer disregard for humankind is surreal in its continuous assault on our senses. One has but to wake up to find yourself face to face with what can only be described as the societal dung pile of HATE, VIOLENCE and STUPIDITY. It's just too much.

In my lifetime...I have been not nice, unpleasant, disrespectful, rude....but my conscience has never let me stay in that place. The dis-ease that plagues my spirit when I allow negativity to dominate, is far more than my mind and body can take. I feel physical pain...sadness...disconnectedness ...yearning, when I allow myself to give-in to the lesser parts of my being. I lack far more than I gain  in stooping low, so I made a decision to do my best to not go to that place. I made a choice to try my best to rise above and call forth my higher-self, the person that I was created to be. I've chosen humanity.

In choosing humanity, my brain (read my ego) is often found in direct contradiction to my heart and spirit. Where my mind says, I heart says I can't. When I want to decry and spirit says pray. There is no logical explanation for so many of the travesties that have divided and diminished our society in recent weeks.  While I could speechify for hours about how family training, psychological challenges and maniacal indifference have left too many people injured and broken, I just can't anymore. People are hurt...broken...sick. We have got to look beyond external factors and surface analytics. Skin status (or lack thereof) are irrelevant.

We have got to start looking beyond. Politics, religion, sexual preference, skin the grave, we all are but dust. Education, marital status, income bracket...without love, we are all alone. Jobs, homes, cars, clothes...things...none of it really truly matters, if we cannot look another soul in the eye and recognize that they are alive. The lenses through which we view each other, should reflect that which we value most. If we value love, we should see love (not as we prefer, but as it is offered). If we value peace, we should see peace and want peace for everyone. Hate, disgust and divisiveness have gotten us nowhere.

When negativity is projected in such extreme and dynamic ways as mass murder, human trafficking, extreme bias or depraved indifference, its our natural inclination to reflect the same. But where has that gotten us? When compelled to respond, let us not look to meet and match its destructive intent. Set the goal for yourself to match the intention with a more powerful and dynamic response. If you want to change the world, change your mindset. Don't be another victim, stop the assault on our culture. Choose to rise above. Choose to be an agent for positive change. Don't let hatred...bigotry...bias...violence win. Choose to live human.

Peace, Joy and Love,
Michelle Hudgins


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