Monday, February 23, 2015

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Do You Need To Reboot?

I have a love/hate relationship with the mobile device that I have been given for work. It is so bad, that I am convinced that the "supreme mistress of mobility" (aka SIRI) is waging a personal and deliberate war on ME! She waits until I get (so she thinks) far from tech support, a charger or an apple store and loses her ever loving mind!! Without notice she will reboot, drop from 45% charge to 1% charge in thirty seconds, shutdown, and my favorite, start  but never finish an update or download. Suffice it to say, I am not part of her "crew."

Last year while on travel in the hills of West Virginia, she launched yet another random attack. As I was rolling down the window of the rental car to bid her a gleeful farewell, one of my "digitally minded" colleagues suggested that perhaps I might try a "soft-reboot" of my device before I chucked it out the window. I paused and asked "what would that do?" He said "It will return your phone to the most recent working state. It won't wipe it clean, but it will take it back to the last time it was working correctly before you did what you did to make her angry, LOL!" Now of course, I knew that it was way more technical than he put it, but I am sure he was thinking of his own survival, and decided to use simple words that he thought I would understand and that would not further set me off. After gently removing the device from my grip, he proceeded to do whatever he was talking about and "The Supreme Mistress" lived to make it through 5 states in 6 days and remains with me to this day. (I am still not fan!)   

Sometimes in life, we too get the opportunity to reboot, but we opt to continue down the difficult, challenging or just plain annoying path.  Perhaps you are just doing too much, touching on twenty different tasks but not finishing any particular one...Could be that the life that you have known and become accustomed to is no longer serving you...You might just be tired, drained and lacking motivation, you may need a reboot.  Whether it be due to fear, lack or inferior thinking.we often fail to do something that could make a difference and save us from the hamster wheel of life. Reboots come in different ways, at different times and are not quite the same for everyone. 

The best life reboots are of your own making -- and can be as simple as taking a brake/stepping away from people and things, that no longer serve you. During this time, you should take the opportunity to recall your goals and intentions, evaluate your position, reconnect with your passions and purpose, identify what in your life is good and bad and clean house accordingly. Other life reboots can be more abrupt and not anything we can see coming, but they still give us the room we need to redirect our efforts back to our place of clarity and grounding, Whatever the case,  reboots are good and even if you lose a little bit in the process, you gain so much more in the end. RESTART..REFRESH...REBOOT..whatever you want to call it, take some time soon to check in with yourself...its JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR DIVA ORDERED.  

Peace, Joy & Love, 
Michelle H. 


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