Monday, February 2, 2015

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Dear Friend, I need you to know | Yes, We Rise

This is going to be real simple...I LOVE YOU!

I love you, even though...
...we haven't seen each other in years and might walk past each other on the street.

...we both said ugly things that our egos won't let us take back and we know that it's not really that serious.

...I told you differently and made you believe I didn't.

I love you, because...
...I know I get on your nerves sometimes and you just ignore me.

...You know me and I know you and it works for us.

...You have always had my back.

This outer-circle lost someone and given the visible outpouring of support...I can't help but think he just didn't know. This year, too many people have left us too soon and they just didn't know. Trust me when I tell you...I LOVE YOU.

I LOVE YOU...and if you never look into my eyes heart misses your presence, my spirit recognizes yours, we are apart, but we are on this earth together...and I LOVE YOU.

Peace, Joy & Love,
Michelle H.


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