Monday, February 16, 2015

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3 Things Self Sabotage Taught Me

The thing about self exploration and reflection that I don't like is that it requires that we uncover our "stuff". I prefer to think that I am a buttoned-up, capable, competent DIVA without "stuff". But the reality is, I am not an if I am going to do the work, I HAVE TO DO THE HARD WORK TOO and acknowledge my stuff! So, here's what happened...

I took a 30 day challenge, and did very well at it. Well..okay, I didn't do too bad. I had tried a similar shorter challenge earlier in the year, and met great success. Following the shorter challenge, I thought that I could continue on my own, modifying the rules to fit my own thinking and lifestyle choices. Suffice it to say, that didn't work. This time, because I knew the potential, I started strong, wavered a little, but I did  it. Along the way, I learned some things that will be instrumental to my long  term success and that will serve me for a lifetime...but on day 31, despite succeeding, I went right back to my old ways with some restraint, but still fast and loose with the rules. 

I am thankful that I took the 30 day challenge, because I would have never gotten to day 31 without it. Day 31 and beyond have enlightened far more than the 30 days, because it allowed me to see all the ways that I SELF SABOTAGE.  Keeping it real,  I am not ashamed to say I AM MY OWN WORSE ENEMY.  All of us have something or a few things, that will continue to hold us back and keep us from achieving our level best, until we learn to stop fighting against ourselves.  The good news is, I am learning.


I can't let up off the gas -- as soon as I give myself an inch, I take a mile. I have to go full steam ahead until I reach my goal. 

I need to work towards specific goals -- I am so good on terminal projects with a start and end. When left to open-ends and my own resolve, I let my put foot up and attempt to coast.

I need to be held accountable -- When I tell someone else or join with others, I can't hide. I am very good at keeping things under wraps and to myself, but sometimes I need to not be able to hide.

While they may seem rather basic and elementary, for me they are world changing. Acknowledging these truths will help me stay on task and  reaching for my goals.  With these lessons, I am prepared to press on...and get back to the grind...heres to another 30 days...and a lifetime of success! 

Peace, Joy & Love,
Michelle H. 


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