Monday, January 26, 2015

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What To Do When It All Seems Too Much

So..when I sat down to start writing -- I was looking for some motivation because I really wasn't in an inspired frame of mind. I turned to my social media pages to see if there was anything that would light a spark, this is what I found:

"Two nights ago, I lost the love of my life - my dad...."

    "Years ago, I was incarcerated..."

        "When you get a phone call from someone telling you their spouse just died..."

            "The interview went ok, I need this job I cant lose my house."

                "Just got the results. looks like another round of chemo for me..."

                    "Please pray, headed to the hospital with..."

                        "Please share, my niece has been missing since..."

Sometimes Life Gets Hard

It seems like my friends, family and collective circles are really going through it. Now the reasoned part of my mind says, that everyone has good days and bad days, but the human part of my soul says that it's not about good days and bad days. It's true that good and bad days will come, but what we really need is the strength/power to endure.

When we are going through, we often struggle to find our way free. We flail wildly trying to escape whatever it is that has captured us, like a fish on a hook. Ironically, our human nature drives us to do the very opposite of what is best for us. My father likes to fish. He gets up God early in the morning, drags out all of his gear and is on the water before the "sun gets up good." Fishing is not my favorite past-time, but because I value the time I get to spend with my dad, I've gone with him a time or two and I watch fishing TV with him. What I have learned about fishing is that you can waste alot of energy and time trying to pull a fighting fish on board a boat. At some point, the fish is going to give up the fight or settle down, and that's when you reel him in. what does that have to do with times life being hard? Glad you asked.

Don't Struggle

Often times when the fisher pulls a particularly feisty fish on board, it's tangled in the fishing-wire. It's struggling to breathe and barely alive.  The really smart fish don't fight on the line. When they find themselves on the hook, the stay really still. They wait for the opportune time...and then they methodically work their way off of the hook. When we find ourselves on the hook of trouble, we must resist the tendency to fight and flail. Inevitably, we too will burn ourselves out, unable to go on from mere exhaustion, long before we get to the place where we can see ourselves clear. 

While you may not find yourself physically tangled in wires, you may be mentally tying yourself up, unable to see your way out. Are you thinking of 50 scenarios or plans to get out of the situation you are currently facing? Do you find yourself striking out at everyone and everything that seems to cross your path? Maybe, you or just on the verge of giving up and are just letting yourself sink. Whichever applies, the solution is the same. STOP STRUGGLING. Stop trying to do so much.

Calm down...breathe...settle yourself and assess the situation around you. Then, methodically work your plan. If you don't have a plan or if nothing is coming to you in the way of a solution, then just remain calm. Wait...believe and know...that a solution is forthcoming.

Recognize Trouble Don't Last Always

In the midst of our trials, troubles and struggles, the end seems the furthest and darkest point. Some of the status updates and messages that i mentioned above had a "B" side. There was more to their story, just like there is more to yours. My friend that was incarcerated was pardoned, her rights were restored and she is now working, as a lawyer, helping other women who fell into the mandatory minimum federal sentencing black-hole gain their freedom. My other the job. My girlfriends husband that was rushed to the hospital, is back home. Others have found peace...found love after sadness...I could go on, but I believe you get the point. While it may feel like forever and may not even work out the way you would have preferred, you have to know. It does get better. Just like the "smart" fish, you will survive. 

My friend...if you get nothing else from what I've written here today. Get this..GIVE UP THE STRUGGLE, RESERVE YOUR ENERGY....HOLD ON and ENDURE...THE STORM WILL PASS AND YOU WILL SHINE AGAIN!! 


Michelle H.


If Perhaps you have found your way through and are on the other side but just came to see find your way back to yourself, I recommend this wonderful little book by my friend and fellow-blogger NicNacPaddywack RECLAIM YOUR FABULOUSNESS: A Handbook for Greatness


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