Monday, January 19, 2015

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Uncovering The Key To Your Success

JUST DO THE WORK! | Yes, We Rise's a new year and all across my social media timeline, I can see that folks are in high-gear improving...focusing...and visualizing. I mean, folks are laser-focused on planning for the long-term, strategizing their next steps and timing out their tactics just waiting for the opportune to moment, so they will be ready when their time comes.

I am also seeing, that folks are already getting burnt out. Whether it's getting healthy, cutting debt, de-cluttering or finding a new job, it's already proving to be more of an undertaking than their existing life can accommodate. The thing about taking on any new task is, that it requires that we take even more time away from an already jammed, over scheduled life. But ironically, that's not the thing that keeps most of us from achieving our goals and ultimately, declaring success.

The singular most significant challenge we face when it comes to achieving our goals, working in our purpose, or just living the life we want is our actual failure to do the work. We've always been taught that you need a good plan, that you have to do your homework and study your subject. It all quickly becomes overwhelming, and then we just give up. If w don't give up, we put it on the back-burner, because we can't afford the time away from everything else that is already overwhelming us.

We sabotage our success by approaching the work rather than just doing the work. Enough of that!! I'm declaring a moratorium on proactive, preparation. We have been planning our entire lives. We have been dreaming the dreams and visualizing plans for far too long. We are wasting time that we cannot afford to waste! It's time people....from the this day forward, we are going to stop:

  • Waiting for the right introduction 
  • Looking for the window of opportunity 
  • Studying and taking classes 
  • Sitting in the shadows and tracking everyone else's progress 
  • Over-planning and prepping 

“You can’t move forward when your actions hinge on someone else doing something for you. All the time you spend focused on trying to move ahead in the industry, trying to grab, is time you’re not doing the work. Waiting for permission, waiting for help, waiting for understanding is not doing. You gotta knock it off.” - Ava DuVernay in OZY

Let this year be the year that you get unstuck and move beyond the limitations that YOU have put on yourself. Step into the greatness and passion that pulls/pushes you. Throw off the fear, worry and who you were destined to be. Along the will will grow and you will make mistakes...but you will be DOING THE WORK YOU WERE MEANT TO DO!

INTERESTING FACT: Ava Duvernay was a very successful Hollywood publicist, who wanted to make films. She didn't have a film background, but rather than wait for a window of opportunity, she took her opportunity. Cashing out her savings she bought a camera and a filmmaker was born. She made her first feature film "I Will Follow" for $10,000, her acclaimed Sundance film "Middle of Nowhere" for $200,000 and when Lee Daniels and Spike Lee, decried that they could not make Selma for $20 million, Ava said ...well, you know the rest.

I Will Follow - Trailer from AFFRM on Vimeo.

Middle Of Nowhere - in theaters October 12 from @AFFRM on Vimeo.

Peace, joy & Love,
Michelle H.


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