Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Happy Birthday Dr. King

Happy birthday Dr. King | Yes, We Rise

Celebrating Dr. King

As I sit here on my day off from work, yes I am back working, I reflect back on what Dr. King meant to me. While he was gone by the time I was born, his legacy and those like him, are forever etched in my being.

I would not be where I am, a Black woman, working in the construction industry, if it had not been for the life of Dr. King and those like him.

While I could point out what is wrong with this country, and what needs to be fixed, I rather focus on being grateful for all that is right. No it is not perfect, and I did not think I would see a Black President of the United States in my life time, but I have. I am grateful for the ability to live where I want, to love who I want, and to be able to attend the university of my choice. These things would not have been possible, if it had not been for the sacrifice of those in the Civil Rights Movement. Thank You does not cover how I feel; I do not know if words can describe what I am feeling.

But all I can say is Thank You to the Known and Unknown who have giving their time, blood, tears, sweat and even their lives so I can enjoy this day. Next year I plan to do some volunteer work for the Holiday, my goal of mine for 2015 is to get back into my volunteering.

What has Dr. King meant to you? How did you spend your MLK Day?

‘Til Next Time
Love, Peace and All Things Non-violent

~The Diva V~


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