Monday, January 12, 2015

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Expect BIG!!

I recently attended my churches annual New Year's Revival. I like to call it the "event". It's three days of services with an 'A List' line up of speakers and performers. A free event, folks (not the regulars, but the fans and spectators) show up early to get a prime seat to hear and see their favorites. As I was working, I heard a woman say with an air of certainty and matter of factness...


As her girlfriend nodded and agreed, I couldn't help but think to myself, WHY? Here was a woman that had invested nothing, paid nothing and done nothing but show up and she was expecting a whole lot of something. That's bold....

Early into the program, one of the celebrity performers invited "an unknown" to come out and sing. My lady was not happy, but can I tell you that he tore the house down!!! As he sang, he began to recount the events of his past year, not all good. He talked about  how much he had sacrificed, worked, and prayed, with mixed results. He told us, and I immediately understood, when he said that the verve and enthusiasm with which he sang the song wasn't just to entertain us, it was because he was EXPECTING SOMETHING BIG TO HAPPEN!

As I drove home, I started thinking and I asked myself --

"What are you expecting, Michelle?" 

In short, I am still compiling my list, but best you believe... It's going to be full and long. For far too long,  I have just accepted what life had decided it would send my way. For the most part, I handled it with great ease and my own version of grace. If I am being honest I would have to say, I got what I put into it and I didn't really require or demand more from life.

Life...the universe...your world, gives you back what you put into it.  Bishop T.D. Jakes puts it this way:

"you reap at the level you sow into what you do." 

If you are just reading books and watching videos expecting some 'mahvalous' shift in your life, keep waiting. You will gain knowledge. You will gain insights, but you will not gain the grand change that you seek. If you want are going to have to make BIG moves....take BIG giant steps...move far from your comfort zone...and EXPECT that your efforts, your hard work and your diligence are GOING TO PAY OFF!!


Peace, Joy & Love,
Michelle H.


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