Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Dumbing Down Intelligence: A girl problem?

"Students with the skills to be over-achievers tend to play dumb or not give effort because its not cool to be smart."

I had a discussion with my colleagues today about how some of my students are playing dumb to fit in. This has been a problem for me for years. Students with the skills to be over achievers tend to play dumb or not give effort because it is not cool to be smart.

This has been a trend for a long time. How many kids have we seen being bullied because they are the nerd, know it all, or just smart? Although it seems unlikely to think that someone would be penalized for being intelligent, it happens everyday. It is especially prevalent among teenage girls.

They are using what society deems is a viable way to get to the the top; the fact that they are girls. How many times have we seen some women or young ladies dumb themselves down in conversations to fit in with the crowd, boys, etc.?

What is true is that when comparisons between girls and boys are made as the girls matriculated into middle and high school, their scores began to fall severely behind the boys.

This is a problem that needs to be addressed among teachers and parents. Encouragement needs to take place across the board to show students, especially female students, that they should strive to achieve more as well.

There are great organizations that support the empowerment of young women in education, arts, and careers. The following list is a great start.

Girls Inc. 
Spark Summit
Girls for A Change 
Girls Can't What? 
Girl Talk 
Black Girls Rock 
Educating Girls Matter 
L'Oreal USA for women in Science Program

These sites and more are available to inspire young girls to go above and beyond what they could ever think!! Please check out these organizations (and others) to empower the young women in your life. Also be sure to check out local organizations in your city.

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