Thursday, January 15, 2015

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Achieve Your Dreams, Goals and Objectives

Achieve Your Dreams, Goals and Objectives | Yes, We Rise

Your dreams, goals and objectives are possible

Sometimes when life spins out of control the best thing to do is literally start over. Many people are terrified of starting over; it usually takes a tragic life-altering occurrence to facilitate change. Too many of us are shackled by fears of failure and change or self-doubt. We shouldn’t wait until a life ends, or is in peril to act. We only have one life to live (to liberally borrow a soap opera title) and we need to live it.

What are your true dreams? 

Are they attainable in your present circumstance? Have you updated your dreams? Think about it. You update your auto, health and life insurance... Have you updated your dreams, goals and objectives? Even if the goal remains the same (insert the generic “be successful” quote here) how are you going about it?

If you are now forty, being a millionaire by thirty is out of the window. You may need to rethink that goal. How are you managing those objectives? Are the objectives concrete? Or are you still in the amorphous dream stage? These are things that you really need to think about. What am I doing to move in a positive direction? 

The thing about life is... it happens regardless of how you feel about it. 

I have been a proponent of Carpe Diem, since the first time I saw Dead Poets Society and realized the importance of that concept. When John Keating (Robin Williams' character) states that everyone will eventually stop breathing, turn cold and die... he is stating an immutable fact. Nothing we do will change that fact. But we can, to the best of our ability, change the time that we are allotted.

You need not become stuck in a cycle of regret and denial. That, in itself, is depressing. Dust off your goals. Reset/restate those objectives and “Sally Forth!” It is now 2015, while there STILL aren’t any flying cars, and the world seems to be in as much disarray as it has always been, you can set about improving the satisfaction that you get out of life. 

You don’t have to make a grand announcement to the public because that can put undue pressure on yourself (whether real or imagined). Write down your short-term goals and check them off as they are completed. If you walked fifteen minutes, were able to save twenty dollars, filled out that application or cleaned out that closet... Cross it off of the list. Make sure that if you do let people in on your plan, they are the positive people that you need. Naysayers need not apply!

In the end you want to be as happy with the events that you had some control over as you can be... the rest will sort itself out.

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