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5 Tips to Keep Your Children Focused on Learning During Winter Break

5 Tips to Keep Your Children Focused on Learning During Winter Break

Winter break for many students starts this Friday. Many parents dread the two weeks of vacation the students have. The teachers though? We enjoy it!!

As a teacher, I do think about what will I have to reteach my students when they return to school. It can be almost like starting from scratch. When students return, we revisit the rules, review strategies, and get back into a routine.

Some schools give Winter Break packages to students that, unfortunately, don't get done until the Sunday before break is over. This delay in completing the work fails to increase a student's learning potential. When students return from break we start preparing them for the high stakes Standardized State Testing. It is crucial that the students remain focused on learning, even during their break.

I want to offer 5 tips for your school-aged children while on break. These tips will be useful to keep the students engaged in the learning process, even if you are traveling.

  • 20-30 minutes per day of reading. Whatever the student is interested in so it does not seem like punishment. This will help to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary. 
  • If you have internet access when you are on the road, or at home, access educational websites such as BrainPOP, Fun Brain, Time For Kids. There are several other sites you can access as well if you do a internet search of education websites, and all of these websites have a K-12 curriculum that is common core aligned. 
  • Encourage students to practice some things they have learned before break to keep their minds sharp. 
  • Have students clean and reorganize their notebooks and binders. Anything that is from the first half of the year, recycle. 
  • Volunteer their time while they are off. There are many organizations that look for volunteers during the school breaks. It helps children to appreciate what they have and learn about different ways to serve. 
With these tips you can have your students ready to return to learn...

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