Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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‘Tis The Season for Greed

Tis the season for greed | Yes, We Rise  Grinch, holiday shopping

I love this time of year. Usually people are nicer. But there has been a disturbing trend, where people lose their ever loving minds at the holidays all in the name of getting a deal. And now retailers have pushed Black Friday into Thanksgiving Thursday. Opening up Thanksgiving night, not allowing their employees to spend time with their families during the holidays, who does that?!

Is the chase of the all mighty dollar that great? Now the last 5 shopping days leading up to Christmas, several retailers are staying open 24 hours, so you can shop and get those last minute gifts at 3 am. Is it really worth it?

Why have become such a greedy nation? Where we cannot even be concerned with the next person? I know the holidays is a money making time of year but sheesh, being open on thanksgiving and 24 hours for the days leading up to Christmas? And I know it will be a Zoo on December 26 for all the returns.

How many of us give back during the holidays? Go out buy a toy for toys for tots, or feed the homeless on Christmas Day?

I usually do the Angel Tree for the holidays, I have fallen off since my father passed but I will be back on it in 2015. I hope and pray we can get back to where the cared about other people and were happier during the holidays. That is my wish for the New Year…..

I hope you all have a Blessed and Happy Christmas….
Remember the Reason for the Season….

Happy Holidays….
~The Diva V~


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