Monday, December 29, 2014

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Time To Get Rid Of....

True story. My colleagues and I found ourselves with a whole bunch of use or lose leave one year and no friends able to take off from work on short notice. So, we decided to all go on vacation together. One of us had some time-share points and the other two had cash, so off to Cabo San Lucas we went. When it comes to travel for work, I can get a weeks worth of clothes in one carry-on suitcase, but for some reason I over pack for vacations. Because I travel for work, I have bags, luggage, totes and carryalls in every size and makeup imaginable. However, I always turn to the same tested and proven pieces, while the others collect dust or get loaned out to friends and family. This particular trip my old faithful bag failed me. I wasn't worried though, because I knew how to navigate with old faithful and one lame wheel was not going to stand between me and vacation.

The trip was fabulous, BEST relaxation vacation ever. Other than bathing suits, I think we got "dressed" twice during the whole trip. The rest of the week, my luggage sat in the corner, awaiting our return trip home. As we headed out, my colleagues joked "your bag doesn't want to leave, that's why you are struggling." As we trudged through the airport on the tile floors, I kicked up quite a fuss with my three-wheeled, lop-sided suitcase. At one point, one of my travel partners picked up the other end, so that she didn't have bare the racket anymore.

Back on the mainland, I had to reclaim my bag and drag it through the airport again. I also added some stuff to it from my airport shopping exploits. This time, the floor was carpeted, so the only people that knew my "struggle" were the folks traveling with me, and by this time, they had accepted that I was going to have issues and were prepared to just deal with it as well. When we got to the plane, the baggage-worker just looked at me and shook his head, I looked more like a woman that had been through war, rather than one fresh from a tropical vacation.

Finally, back on my end of the world I made my way to my car, headed home and unpacked. My bag, went back in the closet. A few weeks later, time to travel again. Without thinking, I pulled out the same jacked-up bag. Now, at home, I didn't have to roll the bag, so I forgot that it was broken, until I headed for the door. Suffice it to say, I turned around, took out some things I really didn't need and tossed THAT bag on the garbage pile.

Recently, I was reminded about that trip and my struggle with that piece of luggage. I quickly, made it known, that I kicked that bag to the curb and had moved on. I am also pleased to report, that I took note of the life-lesson that whole experience afforded me.

While my struggle with the luggage was real and I was able to resolve it, there were others areas of my life where my "baggage" was still wreaking havoc in my life...until I dealt with it too. All of us have mental and emotional baggage that we drag around with us. We get used to it, adapt our ways to accommodate it and make it so much a part of our world, that those around us get used to it being a part of us. We have to let go of the baggage. Whether the baggage is drama, hurt, fear, frustration, whatever it is, we have to stop allowing it to influence our world. Most importantly, once we put it down, we have to stop picking it up and carrying it around. We are not meant to carry around all of our "stuff". Let it go, and learn to travel light. It's an amazing feeling.

Peace, Joy & Love,
Michelle H.


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