Friday, December 5, 2014

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Time machine: Things haven't changed much in 50 years

If the events of the last several months have shown us anything it has shown that we have much to work on. Between Trayvon, Mike, Jordan, Oscar, Eric & now Tamir Rice. I can't. I'm hurt, angry, confused and I refuse to lie to my sons about the likelihood that some people have already judged you, for living while Black.

I think that many of have heard of the Letter From Birmingham Jail but haven't read it. Or The Ballot or the Bullet. Read both and inform and educate yourself. Things haven't changed as much as it seems in certain settings.

I have to play with and hug my sons. God only knows what is waiting out there for them. My heroes were talking about the same struggle 50 years ago.

**  Dr. Headley White **


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