Wednesday, December 24, 2014

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I understand that some folks are mad, because the show does not represent sororities in an ideal light. Other folks are mad, because D-9 folks are up in arms about this show and not others. Forreal?  Miss me with that stuff. As a member of one of the sororities represented on the show -- I can tell you, this show is getting WAY MORE CREDIT than it deserves. In our (I say our because my sorors and I are one) attempts to squelch the creativity (or the lack thereof) of Mona Scott, we have given the show WAY more VISIBILITY than VH1 or the shows participants ever did. Two weeks from the airing of the first episode and folks are STILL harping on it. Guess what, wanna make a show go away, STOP WATCHING and STOP TALKING about it. hashtag this, hashtag that....and bam, the show keeps running, if only to drive traffic to the network. Buzz and market popularity are not about dislikes, its about likes. When you hashtag, they count your hashtag not your feelings. So, a good one or a bad one, are counted the same and sold as endorsements to advertisers.

Black folks are so dang fickle and too sensitive. We make ATL housewives, #1 on Sunday, but we mad on Monday. Whatever!! We are 40 years old and still scrambling to catch the opening-act for the BET awards, but could care less that only THREE black men have ever received TWO or more Emmys, and we only know who ONE of the THREE is by name. We clamor for the MTV video awards and tune out for the TONY'S. Either we are gonna be mad about it all and in general, or we are gonna have to stop cherry-picking. There are alot of things wrong with the access, content development and portrayal of minorities in the media. This ONE show, is not the standard-bearer for changing that paradigm in media in 2015. It's entertainment, like it or don't.

The show is not about sorority life, its not even about sisterhood. It's about caricatures, bad ones at that. If the caricature doesn't fit, don't wear it. AS a people we are classy, trashy, educated and miseducated, we are stereotypes personified and contradictions in culture. We cannot get mad, when someone succeeds at getting one part of our complex and colorful countenance sold to a network, because its not "representative".  You probably don't know anybody like Snookie and JWow either, but who protested? I know folks like the dudes on Duck Dynasty, and they are not mad.

BGLO's (black greek letter organizations) are still popular in the black community, outside our community, not so much. It's not understood, but, they are still doing alot of good. This show presented an opportunity to offer a counter perception, but instead of capitalizing on it, we struck out at the show...further perpetuating the notion that our relevance and impact are waining. Used to be, that BGLO's and their members were the power-brokers and gatekeepers in the black community, but not anymore. In many ways we have become elitist and exclusive and stuck in our traditions. We have been slow to champion the social-justice issues that our founders would have pounced on. We have been, quick to condemn the younger generations for not carrying the torch the same way we would have 20 years ago, even though we wanted the same freedom in our "neophyte-ness" and we are surely, NOT doing anything to leverage the true power and reach of our membership to truly "demonstrate" our strength or  garner more attention on anything else. SO...VH1 wins....Mona Scott wins...and advertisers win, and you are still mad.

Look, in the world of Ratchet, this show isn't even good "hood TV" story-lines, no real drama and non-compelling personalities. I mean, my sorors on the show get on MY NERVES!! There are some redeeming characters on the show, and I do hope that they get their due "shine", as for the rest, see you on "Marriage Bootcamp" in a few seasons. Have fun hosting the club-gigs, because you do not have a future on TV. I will say this, y'all missed some good "tea" this week. You know the "young-lady" with the gold hair and blue contacts, and the faux-hawk that calls herself a burlesque dancer? Well she and her almost homeless, soror went on an open call for dancers for a, still not clear if its a legit, job and the cheerleader/image consultant girl showed up too. Well, honey Miss Thang can jiggle and she can jangle, but Miss Goldi-lox CANNOT dance. She almost bust her butt trying to do a jump-split.  When it was all said and done, she looked like she had typhoid fever and not dance fever...It was FUNNY!! She may be loud, bold and a whole-bunch of stuff, but she is gonna need to go ahead and start leaning on that education, because she is gonna need a job. The other two got booked and she got the boot.

I could go on all day, but I will leave you with this one note. Sorority life is wonderful and I would
never trade my experiences for anything in the world. More times than most, my sorors and I work right beside other greeks in service, because the need in our communities is so great. I wish more of my D-9 brothers and sisters were as concerned with that issue, than this non-issue. If someone wants to judge us based on their exposure to ONE hour of coo-coo, they don't want to know what we are about.  In some of my darkest hours of need, my sorors were there, but so were my girls and my boys. If we all got together, it would look more like a meeting of the model UN rather than Pan-Hellenic Council, because its not our letters or our colors or even our skin tone that make us family...its our hearts.

P.S. if we really wanted to change the quality of programming on TV, we would be demanding that VH-1  and the other networks, open their channels and increase 20-fold their opportunities for minority media producers to have their shows, picked-up and included on their schedules. Call me Viacom, I got some ideas for you!!

Peace, Joy & Love,
Michelle H.

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