Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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The Woman in the Mirror

Life after gastric bypass surgery | Yes, We Rise

The Year of 2014 is ending today and for the first time I have opened up about my Gastric Bypass surgery. Many people feel that it is a quick fix to losing weight and getting rid of the health related problems that obesity brings, such as high blood pressure, Type II diabetes and several other ailments.

The truth is this is a life that you can never change. Even if you experience great results you will always be in the category of bariatric patient.

First thing I have a problem with is even though I have lost 150 pounds I still see myself as heavy. I see that woman who used to wear a size 32/34 and that is why the counseling that comes with the surgery is very important. Another thing that is common in gastric bypass patients is trading one addiction for another. Thank goodness I decided that I would not fall into that trap of picking up another addiction, but several patients have become severe alcoholics and sometimes sex addicts.

The sexual addiction part comes in from getting all of the new found attention from the opposite sex. I did experience that part of the attention. I have to say I did not mind the attention but I had to slow down on the dating because it was becoming a distraction.

There is so much more to this surgery that meets the eye. I had to learn the hard way that it is a lifestyle change that even though it is a jump start to weight loss, in order to maintain you still have to diet and exercise to keep it off.

This has been a long journey for me from 2006 until today. As I look at the woman in the mirror. I love what I see but, I have to try and maintain my psychological to make sure it is as beautiful as my physical.

Have a great start to your year!!

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