Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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Educate yourself on you

Sometimes when I look back over my life, I try to figure out what steps I have taken to learn about myself. Around this time of year. people reflect over things that were accomplished during the year. Sometimes our reflection shows that we have moved forward... and sometimes we see that we have taken several steps back from our set goal.

I have realized over the years, that I have to learn about myself and the direction I want to go. Have you ever just sat and taken inventory of what you know about you? Really taken a look at what you are made of and what makes you, you?

Many of us are afraid to do this because we believe that it will reveal what other people may already know about us. Sometimes looking in the mirror or into our souls forces us to realize that we are not being our true selves.

Self reflection is a very hard thing. We tend to be our own worst critic.

I have sat, several times, and looked at how other people are progressing. I often wonder... "what am I doing wrong?" It is at this time that I stop to take inventory of myself and educate myself on the lesson that your success is not mine and I have to blaze my own path. Sometimes we feel that we should be further in life for whatever reason, but I have learned I am right where I need to be.

Educate yourself on you... I know this sounds crazy but it simply means get back to who you are. Learn to deal with the disappointment, failures, and successes; whether big or small. It is alright to go through valleys, because if you don't go through something you will not learn to appreciate when the breakthrough happens.

The advice that I give to you and myself on a daily basis is live life for today and move through life as if it is your last day on earth. In doing this you will have NO Regrets...

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