Monday, December 15, 2014

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Ironically or maybe more like coincidentally, every bookseller, fitness guru and coach/counselor is offering just the fix for the worlds "blues". "It's not too late"..."we have the solution"..."get started early"..."Your quick fix is here"... it's everywhere. Whatever you think you might need to "change" your situation, somebody has a product, service or gimmick to help you do it.

Can I share a secret with you? Most of our problems are rooted within ourselves. The things that we don't like or want to change, are primarily internal challenges that can be fixed or addressed without a book, class or membership. Very little of what is "wrong" with our immediate world is beyond our control, and what is beyond our control should be none of our concern. For's really a matter of how you are viewing your world.

Be are not going to change your bosses nasty attitude, you will not lose 30 lbs. by the end of the year and no amount of marching and protesting is going to move a lame-duck session of congress to write and pass, a human-rights based law on police brutality or abuse of power (sorry, that's a commentary for another day)....BUT ALL IS NOT LOST!

If you really want to see CHANGE in your life. If you really want a quick fix to feel better...start with yourself. CHANGE starts with you (us). Follow these recommendations below and I guarantee you will still be whatever you were before...but your outlook will be better, your spirit will be lighter and possibilities will return.  Oh, yeah...the best news of will feel better about all of it IMMEDIATELY!!


1. FORGIVE - we are sensitive and emotional beings, whether we admit or not. There is somebody that has not honored you appropriately, lied to you, cheated on you, etc. Today, choose to FORGIVE THEM. When you release that negativity and let it go, you make room for positivity and blessings to enter.

2. APOLOGIZE - just as there is someone who has wronged you, there's someone that you too have offended. You may not feel that you have done anything wrong, but you know that they do. It's not going to kill you to say "I AM SORRY". Truth be told, knowing that someone is offended and not apologizing, is just as bad as offending in the first place. You are basically, saying that they don't matter and have value. ALL lives matter.

3. PURGE - get rid of the clutter. You would be amazed at how much clutter can block and cloud your environment. By getting rid of the mess (visible or invisible) around you, you will find  that you breathe a little easier and feel less anxious. Throw out the catalogs, the circulars, drop off the bag of the clothes at the charity of your choice, clear out the old receipts, toss the dry-cleaner hangers, dump the half-empty bottles of product and expired goods. Get rid of it!!

4. PRAY/MEDITATE - as the old folks say, prayer changes things. Funny thing is, when stuff gets really harried in our lives, the first thing we do is start thinking and scheming on solutions. This is not the time to panic. When you are pursuing and expecting change, you can trust that things are going to go wrong. So, since you know that...there's no need to panic. Instead, get quiet, and turn over whatever it is that is bothering you. When you release it, don't take it back. Let it go, and rest in the knowledge that it will turn as it should for your good. If you are not the praying type, you might consider meditation. Sitting quietly, clearing your mind and releasing your problems with exhale can do wonders for your spirit.

There it for the taking.  More to come on change...I promise.  Until then, CHANGE WHAT YOU CAN!! 

Peace, Joy & Love,
Michelle H.


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