Friday, December 12, 2014

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2014 Back to reality.

At this time of year many in America think of good will towards men and love and charity (in theory) I posted on twitter that 2014 has been a Red Pill year. Humanity has proven itself to be base in many ways. America has shown that it needs to take a timeout like a petulant child, that needs to   reevaluate its entire outlook. We have so much growing to do. We are still fighting the same fight 50 years later... what is the definition of insanity again?

I must admit I’m proud of today’s youth; you see injustice and have proceeded to confront it head-on. Some of us continue to be apologists to an unjust system. Yes there is crime and there are criminals. But when those that are entrusted to protect you become Judge, Jury & Executioner therein lays the problem. Then we are expected to stand idly by  silently believing that ALL of the victims did something that justified their deaths. I can’t even list the names because it the list seemingly grows hourly.

Ordinary people make history everyday. And I think that many are questioning the type of society they want to live in. $100 flat screens aren’t the answer to gender and wealth disparity or fear of minorities, immigrants and the poor. People seem to be waking up. What is in your own self interest? Is the truth you are being sold, the truth that is needed to be told?

I have heard many people denounce religion, prayer and spiritually. I submit to you that true religion is the belief in the exceptionality of all life; the reasonable expectation that you will have the opportunity to live said life in any way that you deem fit. Prayer keeps you calm & sane in the midst of life’s storms. The issue has always been who uses prayer effectively. I remember being in my twenties and just being angry at those who would take time to pray/meditate or otherwise collect themselves before committing to a course of action. Those few moments give clarity to the task at hand. in many ways that shows a level of maturity that many lack.

The events of the last year and the use of social media have allowed further development of community level microleadership. We have seen everyone from small children; students and celebrities question the actions of the legal system. I never thought I'd agree with Antonin Scalia on anything. But even he questioned how Grand Juries are used. Some people don’t get it though.

Questioning authority is the basis of this country. The Boston Tea party was an act of protest. The same “authority” that loves to remind us of the foundation of this country, conveniently forgets the very rationale for its foundation; The fundamental right to be treated with the respect that we are endowed with by our creator (to paraphrase Jefferson). The government seems to have forgotten its role serving the people; ALL of the people. This fact is so much more poignant given the season that we are in.

The irony of the juxtaposition of protests and the celebration of an individual that was supposed to quell these types of issues is palatable. The fact that the very people who are supposedly revering a child who was born to minority couple who was forced to immigrate to a foreign country because of fear of persecution in their own country is beyond ironic (Matt 2:13-23). It touches on the very issues that have held this country back from greatness.

I know that just causes always require sacrifice. My feelings regarding injustice are best summed up by Melville’s Captain Ahab who said to Moby Dick:
“To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart I stab at thee; For Hells sake, I spit my last breath at thee” 

Remember we are all part of creation.


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