Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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What Color Tie? Formal Wear Part 1

 It is that time of year again, time for formal holiday parties, weddings, balls, galas, etc.  why so many of these happen in the winter I have no idea.  But I attend a lot of balls/formals for the Shriners.  And I notice that many people, women and men, have no clue what black tie or formal wear is.  I have seen a lot of Sunday’s best, cocktail attire, I even saw at one even a denim suit (I almost passed a lung on that one; yes I am that boogie chick)

So first I am going to tackle Formal Wear for men.  The fellas have it easy, they are going to be in a suit and tie, for the most part.  They do not have to worry like the women do about the dress, color, shoes, etc. 

White Tie
The highest level for formal wear is White Tie.  You can’t get any more formal than this.  I attend a lot of events and I have not come across the White Tie event yet, but I look forward to the day that I do. If you see  White Tie, for attire,  you know that you need to have on a tuxedo, not a nice suit, but a tuxedo. The color of the tux needs to be black.  This means that your Jacket needs to be black, the trousers need to be black, and your shoes black, usually patent leather dress shoes, with black dress socks. 
Jacket:  Black Tuxedo jacket is usually with Tails. 
Waist:  white waistcoat (vest) and white tuxedo shirt. 
Tie: White
Matching Black tuxedo pants, which usually have a satin stripe down the side of the pants. The pants need to be straight pants, with no cuffs at the bottom.  With the shorter coat, you would want to wear braces, not suspenders, not a belt. Accessories should be minimal, matching cufflinks; button covers are good but should match the cufflinks. 

Black Tie
Most formal events are Black Tie.  Black Tie is very similar to White Tie. Black Tie = Tux not nice suit
Jacket:  Typical black suit jacket with matching material on the pants, with satin strip on the side of the pants.
Waist:  You can opt for a cummerbund or a waistcoat (vest); If you have a tummy I would suggest the waistcoat.
Tie:  Black bow tie
Shoes:  Black patent leather dress shoes
Socks: Black dress socks
Accessories should be minimal, matching cufflinks; button covers are good but should match the cufflinks, and you can have a pocket square. 

Black Tie optional or Semi-Formal is more relaxed you do not have to wear a tux; this is where you can wear your nice suit.  Black Tie optional, you will still wear a black suit, but you can opt for no bow tie and a traditional long tie.   Semi-Formal you still need to wear a suit, but you can opt for a different color, grey, brown, etc.  it does not have to be a black suit.  With both of these you can swap out the traditional white tuxedo shirt and waistcoat/cummerbund.  Your shoes do not need to be patent leather but they do need to be polished and cleaned.  Again dress socks of an appropriate color for your suit.

*****Side Note*****
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT WEAR WHITE TUBE SOCKS WITH ANY FORMAL ATTIRE!!!!!!!!!!! This will get you talked about, and not in a good way.

While this is a VERY simple version of what formal wear is for men.  It is enough to guide you through the formal ball/gala season looking like a pro.  And please let us not forget the basics for any time you leave your house; Good Hygiene (please wash, use deodorant and brush your teeth), your clothes need to be clean and pressed, no rips, tears or holes.  No holes in your socks either and no your shoes will not cover it.

So to all my sexy men out there, are you all ready for formal season? I can’t wait to see pictures.

‘Til Next Time

Love, Peace and All things Formal

~The Diva V~ 


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