Thursday, November 6, 2014

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The system: Do you understand how it works?

Do you understand how our political system works? | Yes, We Rise

Midterm elections matter

The midterm elections of 2014 are over. It is interesting to see the reactions of all the people concerning the outcomes of the electoral process. Whenever a party strays from its core beliefs, it is going to suffer losses. Politics is a win-lose process anyway. The Republican Party used the playbook that the Democratic Party used in '08 and '14, to a lesser effect and energized their base.

The only thing that most people had to do is vote. As usual, voter turnout was lower because it was a midterm election. Many seem to think that it is only the General elections that matter,

Many of the Democratic candidates were distancing themselves from the POTUS. The candidates strove to be seen as different than the “unpopular president”. Did it work? No. The GOP did what it said it was going to do, make the election about the POTUS. 

There have been many back-stories that show that society in many ways hasn't changed all that much. The South is GOP county and there are Blue states (California, New York) and Purple states. The media loves to use any opportunity that it can to use charts, graphics and interactive graphics.

I believe that everyone that is eligible to vote should! 

I was dismayed to see that there were those that said it would be better to sit this election out. That is a dangerous thought process to have; you have the opportunity to affect some sort of change in a meaningful way. 

 I have read, heard and seen too many stories of people that have their reasons to 'not vote'. Interestingly, they are usually those that want to raise the level 'electoral awareness' of potential voters. While there is a need for civic understanding, the role of the government and knowledge of the system of checks and balances;
the motivation behind this movement and those who benefit are shadowy. 

There is a grain of truth in the statement; there is a need for knowledgeable voters.

We fundamentally need a change in process. People kept saying that they are glad that this cycle is over. We get roughly a month off and then the 2016 cycle starts up. Iowa has already set the interview & debate dates. There are more seats up for grabs and the Presidential election. Will the general public learn anything? Or will we continue to moan about the state of the union without paying attention to state and local races? These are the races that tend to have the most immediate impact on individuals.

Americans love to see themselves as the beacon of freedom and democracy but we seem to care more about reality shows, sports and what is going on in other countries. We can't, and shouldn't in my opinion, expect to be taken seriously when we seem incapable of fixing a fixing a very flawed system. 


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