Thursday, November 20, 2014

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memories 2.0

As the holiday season rolls around I remember how any people are no longer here and how the new members of my family share their characteristics. My sons exhibit some of traits that only genetics could have given them; they weren't exposed to my Uncles and cousins, who they act like. I watch their interaction with each other to see the original instant replay.

When I feel sentimental, thinking of those who now just inhabit my memories all I have to do look at version 2.0, the younger generation. Remember life is what happens, when you're waiting on the next big thing. Children are like barometers they can reflect the environment in which you are living. Even if you feel that everything is under control children, can show the difference between you perception and the reality of the situation.

Remember, that life is about the memories that your children have. You owe to them to given the best memories that you can. It isn't monetary thing it is showing the love and caring that only families can provide. Have a safe and sane Holiday season.

** Dr. Headley **


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