Friday, November 14, 2014

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Male B*tch Nation

Male B*tch Nation? | Yes, We Rise

I'm not mad, not this time – just annoyed.

I am not even shocked . . . but I am concerned.

It seems daily on Facebook and the Internet, I am reminded that I am not woman enough, not soft enough, not feminine enough – and that drives men away. Then I am reminded there are no real men, as they are afraid to approach me – or women in general.


Is that how y'all want to play?

I am annoyed that men are the new bitches. They complain about everything, They talk too much. They are gossiping now. They hit women AND then sue – huh? They have become the new anger/rage movement. And they aren’t angry. They just want their just due . . . yeah, whatever.

Male Bitch Nation is in full effect and women are buying into it.

Not me.

In this MBN, men have become expectant – and allow women to take on more dominant roles. I don’t profess to know what they are thinking in this process, but it can't be good. It simply cannot be good. The dating game has been turned on its ear. Women are behaving like men and men have become the women. . .

How did this happen?

WHY did this happen?

This is what I know...
  • Every Black woman is not angry. 
  • Every Black man is not gay or scared. 

In this war of dating and attempting to mate, there are some things women should not do.

1. Ask a man to marry her . . . May be I am too old fashioned or stuck in my ways, but I be John Brown (literally) before I ask a KNEE-gro to marry me. How does that even begin to work? Do I get down on a knee and ask him? And buy him a ring? Or call his mother (or father) and ask for his hand in marriage? If I do, doesn’t that ‘bitch’ the man? If the relationship is not pacing itself at the time you’ve framed, then it is time to have a talk – put the cards on the table. If he tells the woman he isn’t ready for marriage, then she has some decisions to make.

2. Buy her own ring . . . Again, maybe I am very old fashioned, but that is what HE does. He saves his money AFTER he has realized that the woman he is with is marriage worthy and they can grow together in love. HE traditionally saves 2-3 pay checks to purchase the ring. I do not understand how women have debacled this process. How does that conversation go? "Hi honey, I saw this ring . . . Here it is.” NO! Even if the ring is sub-standard, the real prize and bonus is the RELATIONSHIP. Over time as the love, relationship, and money grows, so can the ring.

3. Be a gentleman . . . I keep seeing women open doors for men. Huh? And they power struggle over it – why? Why? WHY? We were created for different roles. I get it, some men do not step up – if they don’t, it is not the purpose of the woman to step up or supersede what he is supposed to do. I have seen women open car doors, open doors to restaurants, and numerous other doors. And some get upset if/when the man says, “No, you go.” What?

4. Pay all the time . . . Men like to show off, let him. Let him pay. Please women STOP trumping the man with your power job, bank account, and other materials. It’s baseless. If he wants to pick up the tab, please let him. Please -- but even in that, do not become the ‘expected’ chick. Don’t ever think he will pay all the time, every time. BE nice. If you don’t really like him, don’t use him. Don’t eat and order things that normally wouldn’t be ordered – be considerate.

Right now, I see women doing far too much. I am sure the push back on this may be overwhelming, but we have to return to our space; our purpose. No, not all men are worth it, but the few who are, should not be mistreated, or used. Women should not be mistreated or used. At the end of the day, we are all people – with wants, needs and desires – if you cannot meet them, be nice and move on.

WAY A MINT!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing . . . please men, PLEASE STOP DRESSING IN DRAG. It is over done. It is humiliating. I know, money comes with it. Tyler Perry has a complete series of Madea movies to prove how lucrative it can be. Rickey Smiley has done it. Historically, it goes back farther than I care to chronicle – but stop. The over-feminization of men is too much. At one point, someone thought dressing in drag was funny – it ain't no more. . . stop. It scares me to watch a particular TV show – two men are dressed in haute couture that women would wear and the woman on the show looks like a man. I'm so confused.

Perhaps that is the master plan – keep us confused so we can't date, can't procreate, can't find love. In that, we are miserable – pretending to be fulfilled, living overly busy lives of nothingness. We gotta find a common ground. This ain't it.

. . . As Free As I Wanna Be. . . 

Goal D. Locs


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