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What Color Tie? Formal Wear Part 2

What Color Tie? Formal Wear Part 2

It is that time of year again, time for formal holiday parties, weddings, balls, galas, etc.  Why so many of these happen in the winter... I have no idea.  But I attend a lot of balls/formals for the Shriners.  And I notice that many people, women and men, have no clue what black tie or formal wear is.  I have seen a lot of Sunday’s best and cocktail attire. I even saw a denim suit at one event. (I almost passed a lung on that one; yes, I am that bougie chick)

This is Part 2, where I tackle women’s formal wear. 

Yes, Ladies, Divas… It is our turn… The men have it easy they wear a tux; they do not have to worry about body shapers, pantyhose, etc.  But I will help you in your quest for the perfect dress to wear.

 White Tie
The highest level for formal wear is White Tie.  You can’t get any more formal than this.  I attend a lot of events and I have not come across the White Tie event yet, but I look forward to the day that I do.

If you see attire White Tie, you should have on the following:

Dress: FULL LENGTH, which means your dress, goes to the floor, while you are in heels.  If we see your ankles then the dress is not long enough.   By no means should you have on pants.

Shoes:  Typically it requires fabric shoes, usually satin; black, or silver, sometimes gold.  If you are like me they will have some kind of sparkle on them. 

Gloves:  Yes in formal settings like this, you need to have on long gloves, which usually go to the elbow or higher. 
Jewelry:  This is when you want to break out the good jewelry, the kind that SPARKLES.

Black Tie
Most formal events are Black Tie.  Black Tie is very similar to White Tie.  But it is a bit more relaxed.  Unlike men’s wear you have so many possibilities, but I tend to error on the side of caution. 

Dress:  Full Length, but Tea Length (to your ankles) is also acceptable.  Does not have to be a full skirt, a column dress is acceptable.

Shoes:  Typically it is a fabric shoes, usually satin, black, or silver, sometimes gold.  If you are like me they will have some kind of sparkle on them. 

Jewelry:  This is when you want to break out the good jewelry, the kind that SPARKLES.

Mrs. Obama looks amazing in this floor length formal dress.  It is strapless, fitted to about her knees and slight flare at the knee. No gloves are required.

Most events these days are Semi-Formal/Cocktail; which is not as formal as White or Black Tie.  You can have a bit more fun.  The dress can be short; you can even opt for pants (not blue jean pants).  You can sport your LBD (Little Black Dress, a staple in every woman’s closet).  It is the same for the shoes usually you want to go with a fabric shoe or patent leather is acceptable too.

Semi-Formal does not always have to be black, just like the men we can play with color, here are a few dresses I like, in the plus size offerings that offer some color, lace and black.

While this is a VERY simple version of what formal wear is for women.  It is enough to guide you through the formal ball/gala season looking like a pro.  And please let us not forget the basics for any time you leave your house, Good Hygiene (please wash, use deodorant and brush your teeth), your clothes need to be clean and pressed, no rips, tears or holes. 

Last but not least ladies, please, please, please, before you hit the town, let’s make sure we have the right foundation garments on.  From the correct bra for the occasion, to a smoother (a nicer name for what Granny called a girdle) to (if you need it) a slip. (yes I know its old fashion but some dresses need a slip).   [Read: Let's talk about foundation garments] 

So to all my sexy Divas out there, are you all ready for formal season? I can’t wait to see pictures.

‘Til Next Time
Love, Peace and All things Formal
~The Diva V~

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  1. Good stuff! I know this to be true and couldn't agree more, but it's good to be reminded.