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6 Steps To Finishing The Year Strong!

6 Steps To  Finishing The Year Strong! | Yes, We Rise

This weekend I had the unexpected opportunity to steal a few hours and do nothing. So, true to my nature, I put on my comfy sweats, grabbed a snack and a blanket and headed to the arms of my faithful friend,  Mr. Couch ("Mr." for short). Of course, per usual he welcomed with open-arms and together we set out to accomplish our singular goal – DO NOTHING FOR THE NEXT FEW HOURS. So, as I began to flip through the channel guide, seeking what we would devour….and to my shock and surprise, all of my go to channels had on CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!

Alas, it was true…the assault on our senses has begun…24 hours of sugary , sappy, lovingly sweet, nice and neatly wrapped with a bow, what a wonderful life homecomings and Christmas Carols… I’m not ready!  

I’m not ready, because…Christmas signals the end of the year and I got some more things to accomplish my yearly THINGS TO DO LIST…which got me to thinking. What am I going to do with the rest of the year and how am I going to make it happen?  Well…of course, now my Saturday afternoon with Mr. is shot and I am in full on panic mode thinking about all the things I DIDN’T accomplish. Of course, my mind immediately went to the negative, we all do it. But, I caught myself. I pulled up before I jumped on the “I’m just gonna quit, it’s never going to happen for me PARTY BUS!” Instead, I decided to come up with a strategy that will help me move towards my goals, recognizing that clearly I am not going to accomplish them all in 50+ days.  

Following is the 6 STEP EOY (end of year) PLAN I outlined for myself maybe it can help you…if not…I do recommend that you stay away from the 100’s and 200’s on your channel guide – UP TV, Hallmark, Hallmark Movie Channel, EPIX, IFC and all of the other free movie channel are in full on EOY mode and you will either depress yourself or overdose on EGGNOG!!


STEP 1 – INVENTORY – the only way to figure out what you need to do is to identify what you have already accomplished. By taking this physical and mental inventory – you either learn that you did more than you thought or that you have a lot more work to do.  Review your journals, To Do lists, FB posts, Vision Boards…review them all and be honest.

STEP 2 – PRIORITIZE – Now that you know what needs to be done, decide which things have the most urgency about them. If it has a date or a deadline, research those first and determine whether or not they still need to be on your list. Next, should be those things that you can actually accomplish before the end of the year. No need carrying over things into next year that can be done this year.

STEP 3 – STRATEGIZE – The one thing that keeps me from reaching my goals isn’t making a plan, its sticking to it. I can plan with the best of them, but if that plan doesn’t include deadlines and markers that allow me measure my progress…you can forget about me EVER getting it done. For example, I just started running. The only time I run is when I am training for a race. No race, no running. I can train for a race because I know that I am working towards something and I have a training plan that allows me to see my training progress, but if I don’t have that target and the milestones to meet …I get lost and then I quit.  Don’t just set deadlines, identify progress points/markers and find a way to make yourself accountable for not meeting them.

STEP 4 – SCHEDULE YOUR TIME – The number one enemy of progress is procrastination. We never get to the things that we don’t make time for in our lives. Setup your outlook calendar or set an alarm on your phone and mark that time specifically as “ME TIME”. If you mark it as “ME TIME” you will be constantly reminded that you are either investing in or ignoring yourself, which should be your #1 priority. The trick is not just to schedule the time, but set an agenda for each period of “ME TIME”.  Make this a regular practice.

STEP 5 – REVIEW – Pick a day or period of time where you do nothing but review what you have done. Consider it as a kind of PROGRESS REPORT time. It can be a day each week or after a few weeks, but use the time to go back and review your plan, measure your progress and reassess your priority. This is not a time to write and rewrite your plan – but to assess where you are and what you need to focus on. When we begin to see even a modicum of progress, we feel good about things. Success becomes a possibility and we move FORWARD and unstick ourselves from the lack of progress that got us there in the first place.

STEP 6 – CELEBRATE AND REPEAT – We have to celebrate our progress, no matter how big or small. It does not mean stop. But take a few minutes and pat yourself on the back and then get RIGHT BACK TO WORK!!

Now…I recognize that I am not going to accomplish everything that I set out to accomplish this year, but I am already ahead for next year. If nothing else, I have a realistic grasp on what I can do next year and a plan in place to make it happen…I STILL WIN!

Happy planning.

6 Steps To Finishing The Year Strong! | Yes, We Rise

Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know how this plan works for you or what tricks of your own you use to stay on track and focused.

Peace, Joy and Love!
Michelle H.


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