Friday, October 3, 2014

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The View | Yes, We Rise

Reading ‘new age’ information and self-help books often suggest the way we look at things while and react to negative situations often shape how we work through the situation. In a negative situation, if we respond in kind, we are manifesting the same and will remain in that negative space. However; if we are being attacked and marginalized, but refuse to react in that same negative energy, we have overcome. Overcoming is steeped in forgiveness and love. Love is one of the most overused word. It’s like friend - we say it, but few know what it feels like, its authentic state, the art and science of love can be transpiring. Love is power. It calms storms, the act of love wipes away tears, blesses and supports others while making it look very easy. I am in love with love.

As I watch the world turn upside down and on its ear, I am reminded that we have forgotten love. When diagnosed with illness, we immediately turn to fear; anger. Then we question the Almighty, curse Him, and pray fervently that He will heal, secure payment, and create a great testimony for our despair. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Honestly, by its end, I will hate pink and loathe football. As I contemplate cancer – and all forms of it – I often wonder several things. Komen for the Cure collects millions upon millions annually. Its origin was to create funds for research and a cure for the various strands of cancer. Somewhere, they lost their way. They, like other research centered organizations, are top heavy in highly paid administrators. All the money they raise, I often wonder where the money is going. Why is there still no cure? Scattered thoughts, right? I apologize. This is about a positive way to look at negative news . . .

Did they lose their love?

They are not alone . . . I wonder the same about MS, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS . . . the list continues. The United States and the global community, has struggled with finding cures.

Deeper, I think about how we, Americans, phrase things. We, for years, have had a war against drugs, poverty, and often unstated; the Black male. Each cause we have warred against has only worsened. The use of negative words to promote the ideology of positivity, is damming. Nothing has gotten better, only worse. In this curious state, I have often wondered what would happen if when diagnosed, we would love our disease?

Crazy right?

What if, instead of hearing the uncertain, the uneasiness, we hear healing? In hearing healing, we love the cancer, diabetes, AIDS/HIV – whatever the life threatening disease is – we embrace it and say, “I’m going to love it and live every day of my life.” What if we embraced it so much that we thanked the Creator for the lesson of the perceived curse . . .?

I’m not mocking anyone.

I’m not trying to be funny or hurtful.

It’s hard.

It may be the most difficult words to utter to self when diagnosed. . .

Cancer is a bitch and horror show. So is diabetes.

So is MS.

So is HIV/AIDS . . .

In each case, the person diagnosed believes it’s a death sentence. What if it isn’t? What if the disease is a way to find our inner selves; our truest passion and our quiet power that releases all our fears so that we can live our greatest passion; become our best self? If any of the incurable diseases creates the power within to live boldly, why not endure the doubt, pain, and fear - in love? The outcome could be tremendous.

It is easy to say disease is all in the view. I would like to really start the conversation about how to use powerfully positive words to encourage.

. . . As Free as I Wanna Be . . .

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  1. These are things I never knew. Probably because in my immediate family there is no one affected. But thank you for that. It's good to know.