Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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The Miseducation of our Youth

The Miseducation of our Youth | Yes, We Rise

Often times we have heard the term the Miseducation. Well, I decided to look it up. According to it is defined as "to educate someone improperly". I look at this definition and as a teacher I have seen this happen very often. I, unfortunately, am not talking about formalized education. I am speaking of how our future generations are being raised.

When did it become alright to drop out of school just because you are of age (16 in most states)? When did it become ok to twerk at 3 years old to a crowd of onlookers who think it is ok? When did it become ok to videotape people fighting in the street and share it with millions like it is a badge of honor? When did it become ok to disrespect our elders? I know when it became ok; when we started miseducating our youth by not guiding them the right way.

One thing I was taught growing up was that education of any type is important. It was not only education in the classroom, but education that was taught at your homes, families’ cookouts, local churches, mosques, and right at grandmother's feet. Nowadays people are more concerned with turning up, then learning up.

Education is something I knew early on was required. Not just book smarts, but plain old common sense. People will say that their grandmother, mothers, and siblings dropped out of school... so why is that path not right for them? If they learned how I did, it was my mother who strove to make sure I did better than she and her mother before her. Now don’t get me wrong, my grandmother was a nurse and my mother was a radiologist, but they knew they had to get an education to get places. The difference with them is that they taught me that I needed to be better than them and to blaze my own path.

Too many times I have had conversations with students whose parents are telling them how important it is for them to be better than they are. Several conferences with parents who waited until they were in their 30’s and 40’s to return to school only to say, I wished I would have listened and went right out of high school.

I am not saying college is the only option, but find something you want to do and go for it. I had this very conversation with my own daughter; who for the life of her could not decide her path. Despite all her father and I encouraged her, she had to find her own way. She finally did and is well on her way. Things have to be done by choice and not force.

There is more to life than social media education. Take the time to educate at least one child in your path to know that it is more to this life than becoming the next greatest NBA/NFL player, singer, rapper, model, reality television star. If these are the examples that this generation has to follow then they will forever be miseducated.

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