Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Take The Gratitude Challenge

I am firm believer in Gratitude. And when I get Pollyanna-ish in my talking, to some it can be annoying. I guess it's annoying when you chose to find joy when others chose to wallow in self pity. I had my last pity party in 2007. My friends called me out on the carpet on it and from that moment until now, if I have a challenge, I know I am out of pity party invitations.

 While talking through challenges is necessary, it is always, always good to be grateful for where you are and where you are going. This comes with time, but I am a witness that each challenge we face is only the pathway to something greater.

Now, Val, how can you say this when folks facing sickness, emotional or financial difficulties? That's pretty insensitive of you.

Let me say this. In my own strength, I can't do it. But through Christ and my faith in Him, I can.

I have to be grateful for those who want to be around me. Continue to be a friend and available, but no longer force myself on others.

I have to be grateful for what someone can give me. I have to remember that no one owes me anything. No one owes me their time, talent or resources.

I have to be grateful and accept the fact that folks can only love or give love based on their love tank. If their love tank is on E, then you best believe all they can give you is fumes.

I have to remember and be grateful for the little things. The parking space, heat, food in the freezer, my health, my mind. I am rich beyond measure.

 And finally, I have to be grateful for me. That I am loved and deserve to be loved. There is at least one person who loves me on this planet. And I am grateful for that person.

What are you grateful for? Take the gratitude challenge. Take seven days and post at least one thing that you are grateful for each day and let me know how you feel.


  1. i think i can do this.... i need to do this...

  2. What a great idea... and a wonderful post.