Monday, October 20, 2014

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Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Sat down to talk with a friend last week and she started telling about all the ways she was not doing well -- she had missed a deadline at work...bad employee, she stayed at work to meet the deadline and missed something with her daughter...bad mom, she asked her husband to step in and he had to miss something with the son to do something with the daughter...bad wife and mother, she forgot something for her mother...bad daughter. By the time she was finished she had painted this picture of amazingly complete picture of her UN-success. Not only was she feeling bad about herself, she was second guessing her station in life and was well on her way of taking a full inventory of every wrong and incomplete thing in her life. After a few minutes of this conversation, I started to feel bad…and I told her “STOP!! What are you doing? Stop beating yourself up, stop assaulting your mind and your spirit. Right now, you are enemy #1 against yourself...STOP!!”

We cannot entertain negativity! Nothing in our lives should be allowed to nullify our accomplishments, and success. When we feed ourselves negative thoughts and criticize every action we take, we begin to undo every good thing in our life. We all have bad days and sometimes things don't go right, but a few off moments in time -- do not a life sentence make. So we mess up and things don't always go right. Don't beat yourself up about it. Assess what can be done from where you are, shake off the rest, regroup and try it again tomorrow. If you can look up, you can get up. There will be other days and something else will go very right. Try your best every day to tell yourself ONLY things that will help you. Find the positives in your situations instead of the bad. Avoid getting on the "crazy wheel" and spinning yourself into a frenzy.

Once I pointed out to my friend what she was doing and how she was undermining her own success, she was able to regain her focus and do some things for herself that allowed her to release the negatives she had projected. She accepted my invitation to get off the "crazy wheel". Her next day was a very good day.

Peace, Joy & Love, 
Michelle H. 


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