Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Racial Fallacies

Racial Fallacies | Yes, We Rise

Ignorance has raised its head

Over the past several weeks, the ugliness of ignorance has continued to raise its head. With the rash of police-related incidents involving unarmed citizens and the accompanying protests, there has been an undercurrent of anger from those that see themselves as “the real America”. [See: Cardinals Fans Get Ugly In Clash With Ferguson Protesters] I have had conversations with many on the topic. More telling is, I haven’t heard from others (coworkers etc.). 

I have read, in several articles, a familiar refrain (we GAVE you the freedoms, you have...). [See: Changes in AP history trigger a culture clash in Colorado]  Then there are black entertainers who think that the black race is the worst race, [See: Rapper Lil Boosie: “African-Americans are the worst race in the world”]   or don’t believe in labels (race and sexuality). [See: Raven-SymonĂ©: Don't Label Me 'Gay' Or 'African-American']

Overall, it has been an interesting 72 hours.

I found the Facebook post from the owner of Lucas Oil ironic. [See: Lucas Oil founder Charlotte Lucas: ‘Sick and tired of minorities running America’]  She is sick of minorities running America! I literally laughed out loud, considering she is a member of a so-called minority.

Some of my students asked my opinions on the subject. 

Even though we have made progress since the beginning of the 20th century, in many ways we seemingly haven’t. My Black/Latino students would rather talk to me in private; while the other students don’t mind broaching the subject in class. The matter in which the subject is broached is a perfect microcosm of the psychology of race in this country. Being an educator, I would like to give the ignorant in this country a brief history lesson; I certainly won’t be using the Colorado History curriculum. I actually like to use facts and real history as opposed to ‘white washing” certain uncomfortable truths.

Dear Confused,

Even though your privileged upbringing, closed circle of friends and information sources say otherwise; neither you nor your ancestors gave us anything. Our rights were earned through the blood, sweat and tears of countless of kidnapped Africans and their descendants for over three hundred-plus years.

When the South’s “Particular Institution” caused a fracture in the Union that could no longer be compromised on, a Civil War was fought.

(Oh, for the last One Hundred Fifty years, revisionists have said it was a States Rights issue. Hell yes it was an issue; the right to own slaves)

Guess what? You lost.

Yes, you suppressed Blacks and other minorities for another ninety years. First with de facto, then with de jure discrimination (Plessy V Ferguson 1896). The Supreme Court rejected the overall philosophy in 1954 (in the Brown decision), but some of you didn’t. There was to be a continued struggle against those that denied the most basic of rights to segments of the population. And just like the Civil Wars many people of all shades, ethnicities and lifestyles ended up becoming causalities.

It is the height of hubris to assume that you have the right to gift “inalienable rights”. The government actually stole them. The rights were fought for and earned - not given. The problem is man thinks too much. Some believe the fallacy that human rights can be given. This has always been an issue. Yes, you can lose some rights; freedom, voting etc. These are, however, the legalistic esoteric values that have been the basis of philosophical arguments throughout the ages.

Too many people equate the melanin content of their skin to be their trump card. It can be said that institutionalized racism still plays a significant part in race relations; the views that we have about each other from a socio- & geopolitical viewpoint, bear this out. We have an innate need to characterize, and some have a need to exert power over others. (Slavery, Jim Crow, the 'isms', race, sex and class).

Time changes things. That is both inevitable and inexorable. Sit back, buckle up and brace yourself. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Dr. Headley (and the rest of society)


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