Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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It’s All In the Name

I have always been in organizations.  Since I was about 12 years old I have been in some kind of organization, from church, to school, etc.  So as an adult being in orgs is like breathing to me.  I am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star (OES); we are a benevolent organization, and sisters to the Freemasons. 

Well, being in OES, you can join other organizations within OES, and one of them is called the Daughters of Isis (DOI).  The Daughters are auxiliary to the Shriners, yall know the Shriners, the old guys with the funny hats, drive the little cars and have hospitals and a circus. Well the old guys have some ladies that work with them doing things.  Being a woman of color I am part of the Black Masons and Shriners or PHA, this is the simple way of explaining OES and Masons.

DOI, was name after the Goddess, whose original name was Aset.  Aset was an amazing woman and is pretty much the epitome of womanhood and motherhood, she was the Goddess of magic, marriage, and children, just to name a few.  The story of Aset and her husband Osiris (whose original name was Ausar), was an amazing one, after Ausar was killed by his brother, Aset traveled the blinding desert to find her husband’s body. Aset was the mother of Horus.  You can read about these Egyptian Gods on the internet (click me). 
Most of the members of DOI exemplify Finer Womanhood, as we like to say.  We work hard in our communities and we like to have a good time and have fun also. We wear hats with tassels, we wear all white, and often times we will have on a shirt that has some bright and colorful embroidery on it. We are a positive organization that is about giving back to our communities and mentoring our children.

At the start of the summer, I heard a news report of how a group in Syria, called I.S.I.S. (which stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), beheaded an American and posted the video, I was shocked and appalled. The Goddess would not approve.  But it never dawned on me that the name, that is being used to identify this terror group would come to haunt my beloved organization. But in recent months, this has come to pass that the name Isis, is a negative.  I wish I could explain to everyone that thinks that Aset is a bad thing, which she is not.  Aset is a Goddess of love, women and children; she was diligent and hard working to find her husband’s body, and putting it back together.  But there is no way we in DOI can reach everyone.  So our name has to change for our protection. It is a scary thought that we could somehow, some way, be connected this this hateful, fear mongering, terror group overseas.
 I hope and pray that this will come to an end soon and that we can once again say the name of Aset with pride and Finer Womanhood.  I pray for the families of the people who have been hurt in the name of this terror group. 

I pray for Peace and Understand across the Globe, this is one time I will sing Kumbaya and light a candle.

‘Til Next Time

~The Diva  V~ 


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