Monday, October 13, 2014

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Is It Passion or Purpose?

Is It Passion or Purpose? | Yes, We Rise

Everybody is talking about Passion and Purpose these days, with everyone falling into one of two camps; those who know and those who don't. Here's the thing, the more I hear folks talk about it, the more disturbing it all becomes, because nobody is on the same page and talking about the same thing. This confusion can be detrimental when it comes to helping somebody else or doing the right thing. There's nothing more dangerous than a person operating out of order and in vain attempt.

Some will ask... "why does it matter?" 
It matters, because inside the knowledge and understanding of knowing what ours is, we will find peace and value that contributes to us living our best life. Not knowing or misunderstanding what ours is, can lead to futile efforts and keep us from achieving not only our hearts desire but what we're actually put on this earth to do. Finally, PURPOSE comes with great responsibility to others, and therefore comes with a greater accountability for having not achieved it.

Passion vs. Purpose requires a constant balancing of priorities and needs, a challenge we all face daily. The more we know about which we are pursuing, the better off we will be.

How do you know whether its passion or purpose? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does it push or pull you? Passion tends to push us, it feeds our desires and creativity and makes us want to do more. Purpose, tends to pull, even when its not our primary focus, it remains a constant in our lives, sometimes not even aligning with what we think it should be or what our passion calls for.

2. Does it fit with what you know and like most about yourself? Passion, tends to represent/align with who and what we believe we are at core. Purpose tends to call us higher and can require that we step outside of our familiar selves and into the "un"comfort zone.

3. Does it serve you or others? Passion satisfies our longings and our heart's deepest desires. Purpose also brings great satisfaction and contentment, but it serves others much more than it serves our own personal desires. Purpose is all about being a blessing to someone else, passion can help you do it.

4. Could you do it everyday and not get paid? Passion and purpose both fit this category, but in very different ways. Passion complements our skill sets and comes from or through us as naturally as we walk and breathe. It's usually a manifestation of our natural gifts. Purpose, sometimes resonates more with our spirit and is often born out of our passion. When we operate in purpose we find no greater reward the knowing in our spirit that we are doing exactly what we were created to do . Passion may be what we do to pay the bills and finance our purpose.

Whether its passion or purpose, know this... neither passion or purpose are exclusive. More times than not you will find that they are often linked in such a way that we cannot see where one starts and the other ends. The challenge is in knowing which one is supposed to be the focus of your attention. Both require a significant investment of your time and resources if they are going to grow/mature. Either can make you happy and are worthy of the energy and time you take to invest in learning about them and putting them to work.

Pursue your passion...find your purpose...but most importantly ACT on them both. Thinking time is over, there's work to be done!

Peace, Joy and Love,  
Michelle H.


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