Monday, October 27, 2014

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I Wish Somebody Would...

So...I'm tooling around web and I see this story about some British "reality star" (lowercase on purpose) who was intentionally gaining weight (50 lbs.) so she could lose it again, all in effort to show that it was easy and just a matter of simple will power. 

Yeah, OK. 

Then I read a facebook post quote by some self-proclaimed self-help guru that said "you get what you want and if you don't have it you don't want it bad enough!" 


I am sooooooo sick of folks telling me that my want or my desire or my hustle isn't enough and that the only thing that is stopping me is me. If you have not walked in my shoes, or sat in my seat, wiped my sweat or my tears, you CANNOT tell me that its not enough! How dare ANYONE feign to tell me that my ache and drive is less than required. I'm just sick of it.

Truth...I have been overweight for most of my life -- it has not stopped me from doing most anything I want... from high school athletics to dancing to name it -- I have done it. 

I've also tried every diet known to work and not work. I like to eat good food, but most folks who know me will tell you, I'm not out of control or outrageous with my eating. I eat less than a lot of "smaller" folks I know. I'm also more physically fit than some of them too -- my weight is related to hormonal/chemical imbalance in my body. I can starve myself and still not lose more than 20 lbs. I don't like being the size I am, but I don't beat myself up about it either. 

I do my best to stay as healthy as I can and study whatever I can to breakthrough my challenge. I am getting there...but it takes time. Its not just a mind shift. Change is hard and takes work -- a lot of work. My health isn't the only area where I'm doing some work -- and trust me when I tell you, its not about just willing myself to change.

I'm working to change my mindset, struggling to release my anger and focusing on maintaining my peace. I'm working on being the best possible representation of who was I intended to be.Yet, every time I turn around, there's some self-righteous, judgmental, righteously undignified quack, trying to tell me that my drive is incomplete. 

How in the world do people who consider themselves helpers, life-coaches, inspirational or motivational speakers bring themselves to tell anyone that they are essentially failing at trying? What kind of quackery is that?

For real...I've had to stop listening to the haters and the "so-called motivators." I'm sick of it!! 

I WISH ONE MORE PERSON WOULD try and "persuade" me that I am incomplete, lacking, not stretching enough, un-motivated, less than, in need of more, or somehow under achieving at doing me...I REALLY WISH THEY WOULD....because I would tell them:

I invite you have two seats and a cup of tea...this right here is my life. I am doing me right now and quite honestly, I am finding I am pretty dang AMAZING!! I am far from perfect and don't expect to get there any time soon...but I am happy and that is enough for me. You are more than welcome to applaud and encourage me...otherwise, HONEY HUSH...I GOT THIS!!

What about any spectators you need to silence?

Peace, Joy & Love, 
Michelle H. 

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  1. LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!