Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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I know it is October, and it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have been struggling getting my feelings together to write this post. So many emotions, that I have not necessarily about Breast Cancer, but Cancer in general. Cancer took my father, took him way too young at that. He was 60 and died from colon cancer.

I know a few women who have survived Breast Cancer, in fact most of the ones I know of, have survived. Although the Breast Cancer fight that touched me the most was Nic, a young lady I know from a yahoo group. The group is called DC Sista Girls; I joined because I was new to the DVM Area (DC, Virginia, Maryland Area) I wanted to meet more people and meet more women. I have only met Nic once, it was a good 5 or 6 years ago, but her fight with Breast Cancer touched me. The yahoo group gets a whole lot of email and I was randomly scrolling through and saw Nic’s post about her tumor, which she named lol. She blogged about her treatments, while I could only read sometimes, just to make sure she was winning the fight, but I would be an emotional wreck reading her blog. I would cry from start to finish of her posts, so yeah I had to read her blog every few months. But Nic is a 5 year survivor; I am extremely happy she is still here with us, and she inspires me to blog and be a better blogger.

But on the flip side of this is my fiancé’s cousin. She also survived Breast Cancer, but it has come back. She is currently fighting for her life, the cancer has spread. It is taking a toll on my fiancé, their family is very close. I pray she can win this battle.

I know firsthand, because it is fresh in my memory losing a loved one to this horrible disease. I hate to think if I have a daughter, then she could be preconditioned for Breast Cancer, because it runs in my fiancé’s family. I hate having to worry about going to have my boobs smashed for my mammogram (which I am over due to get, I know, I know). I hate having to do the monthly self-exam and feeling crazy if I forget to do it. I hate having to worry about each pain, itch, scratch, mark, etc on my breast that I just noticed might be something sinister going on in my body.

I HATE CANCER!!!!!!!!!

~The Diva V~


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