Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Education is on the chopping block!!

What are the important education issues in your community? Do you know?

As I am looking at the different platforms of the candidates of the upcoming election, I see that many people use education as a way to sway the votes of the people. I am here to tell you that enough is enough!! Most times the candidates use that as a way to get votes.

I went to do my early voting on Sunday and I saw a bill on my ballot that donates a certain amount of money to schools if we say yes to the bill. Little do we know that the bill may be on the local level, but still has to go through intense rounds in order for it to actually pass.

As citizens, we need to educate ourselves in the matters of the school systems. Often there are many concerns that go unnoticed because of bigger issues. Some of the education issues facing our nation right now are; common core, school nutrition, funding for teacher's pay, the rise of charter schools vs. public, and budget issues.

Most people don't know or care about what is going on with our schools. They trust whomever is in charge to funnel things through. This has been a problem for years. Because of the lack of attention from the community and the lack of research by voters, many bills and policies concerning schools have passed without the community really knowing what happened. Once passed, these bills then trickle down to the local level. where many of us are left wondering why certain things have changed and we had no idea.

There are several issues on the table this election cycle and I implore you to actually read the way you politicians are voting for our schools. The person you place in office can be the one who can determine if the school your child is attending gets all they are due.

Learning what the issues are, and which candidates support (or are against) those issues really matters when you get to the voting booth. Be informed. Take time to research what is happening in your community and vote accordingly.


For information on your local candidates and ballot issues, the non-partisan non-profit, Project Vote Smart is a good place to start your research.

Another election information resource is Vote411. Run by the League of Women Voters, the site offers information on local elections across the nation. It is a non-partisan resource available for your use.

You can also contact your local board of elections for information on your ballot concerns.



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