Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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Cut The Cord! Cable that is...



I am a lover of TV and Movies. Always have been, always will be.

Many of you know I was unemployed for a total of 3 years. And after my unemployment ran out and I was working retail ... so did my cable.

Now I already had a love hate relationship with Comcast. I could not understand how my bill went from about $120 a month to about $250 when it was turned off. I got rid of the phone, and some of the movie stations along with the NFL package. Yet my bill every year got higher and higher.

Then in November of 2012 the cable was cut off. It was a sad day in the house, I tell ya. I was home making butt prints in the couch looking for full time work because I was part time in retail. And I got the Comcast blue screen of death.

Damn it!!!!

So I figured I would get it turned back on after I paid the cell phone bill right? Right… DEAD WRONG!!! In December I get a knock at the door, we came to collect your Comcast equipment. Huh? I was going to have the service turned back on. Oh your bill is $797. I think I blacked out for a second and was like WHAT THE HELL?! HOW THE HELL? I owed them for 2 months how do I have a $800 cable bill? Ain't that much TV in the world.

So, me being me I told him hold on. I went and collected every piece of crap that said Comcast on and happily gave him that shit back.

I am just amazed at my bill. At that point I was DONE with cable. Unless I can get the free-99 hook-up #icant.

I got the Verzion high speed internet turned on and me, Netflix, Hulu Plus and now Amazon Prime have become BFF’s. I also bought some rabbit ears for my TV so I could watch network shows along with streaming TV. While a small part of me misses cable, with the online streaming I don’t miss much. I used to think how do people live with out cable. Until my cord was forced to be cut I didn’t get it. Now I do.

I cannot possibly go back to paying for cable tv, I just cannot.

I feel a bit free, like I got over on big brother. *I am sure I didn't but that’s how I am feeling now* Even though I have gone back to work, I am not going back to Comcast. Me and Netflix will be A OK…

Anybody else cut the cord and not looking back?

How are you doing without cable? Like it? Love it?

‘Til Next Time
Love Peace and All Things Pretty
~The Diva V~


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