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Answering Election Questions

Answering election questions | Yes, We Rise

From the mouths of children

My oldest son likes to ask poignant questions. He asked... "if everyone has the right to vote, why would some people want to take that right away from them?" I tried to answer the question to the best of my ability without going on a rant. The fact that he is still at the stage where many things are still either Black or White is helpful. I noticed that that he’s exasperated with the campaign commercials. He complained that “they’re even on Disney XD, and all they play are cartoons!”

I wonder if this is another way to make the electorate more disinterested. I know it seems that you can’t even escape it on the internet. I think that most people have made up their minds and for good or ill that’s how it is. The most dangerous people, in my opinion, are those who vote on a whim. That being said, I have stated several times that I never thought I would be fighting the same fight that MLK, Whitney Young, SCLC et al fought. The scary thing is that many of the younger generation think that the voting rights struggle is history; not the reality that we live in. The states with the largest Black populations have enacted the most draconian laws. Coincidence? I think not.

I think that the issues that are really steering this election, and the last several elections, are fear based. Fear of the future. CBS recently ran a headline that stated, by 2043 the United States will be a Majority Minority populated country. I recently watched a special on PBS, America by the Numbers. I saw the changing demographic in this country and how everyone is affected by it.

There are STILL those who believe that they BUILT this or that, by themselves. Since this country has always been multicultural (even if we don’t show up in the historical photos) we have always had a hand in the development of the country. Sometimes at the detriment of those that already occupied the land.

My son also asked “how we can tell other countries what to do when we have so much going on in this country that isn’t right?” I told him that was a great question.

We have this thing about being the moral compass of the world. The irony of this is telling when we deny people of their most basic rights.

  • Why is it easier to get a gun permit than register to vote in several states? 
  • Why do we seem to thrive on divisions in the country, rather the things that do ultimately unite us?
  • Why are there elements in the country that would rather destroy the country than share in the future that it has in store? 

When you create a system that is too rigid to change those are the issues that you face. Fear for fear's sake is dangerous. When are the vast majority of citizens in the country going to “take” back the country?

We love to hear quotations from various leaders of the past. Washington, Franklin, Jefferson Adams, Lincoln, Douglass, FDR, Eisenhower, MLK, Reagan etc. Then you see the current leadership we have; uninformed, seemingly uninterested, talking heads and you have to wonder.

Where are the leaders? I would like to be able to answer my sons questions but right now I can’t.

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