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An HBCU Homecoming: aka The Black Family Reunion

HBCU Homecoming aka Black Family Reunion | Yes, We Rise

Peace Fam!  

I’m just coming off the heels of another HBCU homecoming weekend…and guess what? I LOVED IT!  Actually, I always do.  Why?  Well, for me, going back on campus each year is really like going back home, which always feels good.  Having lost my mother earlier this year (Rest in Paradise, Mom!), going to Morgan State University’s homecoming this past weekend felt especially good because I was surrounded by the love of true family.  I can’t begin to tell you how heartfelt it is to be surrounded by love when you’ve just lost a loved one.

So, I Give Thanks for every person with whom I became acquainted during my college days at my beloved MSU.  Even if I only met someone once (over 20 years ago), I never forget a face; and, it seems the same for many others.  I say that because every time our paths cross (most likely during homecoming), our eyes meet and our kindred spirits connect.  It’s like our paths just crossed the previous day.  We give each other a head nod (if we were cool), a pound (if we were really cool), or the Brother Man handshake and hug (if that was my man, 50 grand back in the day)!

Basically, if our paths crossed in good spirits while I studied at Morgan State (or even after I graduated and DJed on the show “Strictly Hip-Hop” on WEAA 88.9FM), we’re kinfolk.  That’s the way I see it.  We look out for each other and, we’re always pleased to see one another doing well.  In life or in death, we’re there for each other when needed.  I’m not sure if you get that vibe at non-HBCUs.  I can’t call it. 

All I know is that I’m blessed to have created a very loving and very supportive extended family through friends that I met over 25 years ago.  Even if we don’t see each other in years, we’re only a phone call, a text, or nowadays a Face Book inbox message away.  Oh yeah, I’m very thankful for FB because it has allowed me to reconnect with very dear friends from MSU (and from high school too) over the years.  Actually, almost every week, I’m connecting with more kinfolk from back in the day.  

And that’s always a blessing.  I say that because attracting great people into my life is a reflection of the person who I am and the energy that I exude.  In essence, I am a great person to know (and to love)!  I was attracted to Morgan State University.  Every person that I’ve grown to know at MSU is a great person - from the students to the administration to the kitchen staff to the maintenance folks to the folks working in the book store to the campus police, etc.    Apparently, Morgan State magnetically attracts great people.  So, I pretty much co-sign on all who hail from MSU.  Word!

This year’s homecoming was especially memorable for me because it marks the 25th anniversary of the greatest pledge line of all time - me and my Ice Cold Brothers of the I.C.U. Crew from Bloody Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  We crossed the Burning Sands together 25 years ago and we are still close to this very day.  Again, there may be months or perhaps years that pass before we get together; however, if needed, then we’re only a phone call away.  That’s love and true brotherhood right there; and, I’m blessed to have a bond with each of them.

I envision that the vibe is typical at just about every HBCU homecoming.  I know this because I saw and felt the same vibe at Bowie State University’s homecoming over the weekend too.  Yeah, as I’m a DJ in the DMV (DC, MD, and VA), I got my Rick Ross hustle on by DJing parties for Morgan and Bowie over the weekend.   

As one of my friends says, it was the “same sh*t, different toilet”, so to speak.  LOL!

Seriously, though it was a totally different city and totally different campus, the HBCU Family Love was evident at Bowie, as it was at Morgan – all love.  I saw and felt the love when I DJed an all-class reunion at Bowie’s Student Center.  No matter what year folks graduated, everybody was family, true kinfolk!  And once again, I felt the Love!  I know that I’m going to feel the same vibe when I go down to Greensboro, NC this weekend to rock an alumni party for NC AT&T State University’s homecoming! 

So, Big Ups to all of my HBCU brethren!  We were all magnetically attracted to mini-meccas of higher learning; and, I’m thankful for that.  I’m also thankful that I learned a lot at my HBCU.  My Morgan State University experience prepared me for LIFE and how to survive in this crazy world.  It taught me to use my INTELLIGENCE and my CHARACTER to succeed; and, that’s what I’ve done successfully for the past 23 years. The experience also allowed me to create a lifelong bond with some very intelligent men and women…my friends…my family!!  

 One Love eternally!

Markie B aka DJ Scientific


  1. Yea! Great blog! I feel the same way. Glad great minds think alike and go to MSU!

  2. Indeed Neith08! Many thanks for your feedback...and for your great mind! :)

  3. I'm so glad, I went to Morgan State!! Great article Mark and you described the experience and feeling of homecoming perfectly! There's nothing like a HBCU homecoming! You DJ'd my line sister Glynnis' party on Thursday and I couldn't make it so I missed seeing you! The Fine as Wine 29 of 1989 of Alpha Gamma chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. celebrated our 25th anniversary over homecoming weekend also and it was nothing but LOVE!!! We had a BALL!!!!! Congratulations to you and your line brothers on 25 years of brotherhood! #MSUforLIFE!