Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Accessory Love… Scarves

I am a lover of FASHION.  From clothes, to shoes to accessories, I love them all.  But the one has baffled and confused me for YEARS.  The simple scarf.  This wardrobe staple has been laughing at me and collecting dust in my closets for years.
Other than wearing them around my hair or wrapped a few times around my check for warmth, how to wear a scarf has pretty much baffled and eluded me.   I received a bag full of scarves from my grandmother after she passed, and I have wanted to wear them, but had no clue.  Plus I have seen new scarves that I wanted to buy, but did not because I had no clue what to do with them except the same old thing.
But on Monday, I was checking out one of my beauty groups on Facebook, and there was a blog with this video posted, “25 Ways To Wear A Scarf In 4.5 Minutes”.  I saw this video on Youtube a while ago, but forgot about it. 

(side note, I LOVE her video editing, man I wish I knew how to do that)

I jumped for joy YASS!! I got a beautiful blue and red scarf from my sister in law for my birthday in June, and had no clue how to wear it.   
So today I tried 3 of the 25 looks and took some pics… Yes, I am Ready for my Close up, Mr. DeMille……

Here I am getting ready in the morning and about to try this scarf tying thing out… it is easier when the hair is shorter, just and FYI.

Ok this is the Bunny Ears one with my coat and sunny’s on…. Yes I am ready to go catch the bus, my Bluetooth is nicely hidden under the scarf, I like the bunny ears great for sporting with your fall jacket.

This one is called the Turtleneck, I like it and pretty simple to do, in the office and trying to stay warm, the turtleneck is great to help me stay warm.

 Last but not least is the classic loop, who can argue with a classic?  It’s simple and can go with a fashion scarf or a warm weather scarf.    

Ok Divas, what do you think?  Have you seen this video?  I checked out a few how to scarf videos and this one by far is my favorite.  Maybe you have a favorite one, please share and let me know. 
How do you wear your scarves?  I have so many I can’t wait to try some more of these ideas.

‘Til Next Time

Love, Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~


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