Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Sheryl Underwood And How To Handle Your Haters

The Daytime Talk Show, The Talk, premiered last week with each host sharing a secret. Sheryl Underwood's secret especially was one for the books. Take a look. Be inspired and check out my 3 takeaways.

1. You never know who is watching you.
I know Sheryl was hurt to hear the comments made about her. Especially when the comments were said from other women in her field. But we have to remember that someone is always watching. And some are watching more so for us to slip up than to rise up.

2. No matter how much it hurts, folks who hate us can actually help us get better.
I loved what she said that she was actually taking notes. Maybe not in the best venue, but constructive criticism is key to personal growth. Don't be afraid to hear the truth. And you will know when the truth is told in love versus out of a vindictive spirit.

3. Some doors should remain closed to allow other windows to open.
When she said she is right where she belongs, I almost jumped out of my chair. Throughout the course of my life, I had opportunities that seemed to be a perfect fit for me only to find out that if that door remained opened, the life season I was in would not allow me to walk in my fullest potential. We have to be mindful that even when we give our all, what may appear to be for us based on qualifications may not be what is needed for us in that particular time in life. Learn from each experience you are in because it will equip you for the next one.

What did you receive from Sheryl's reveal? Leave a comment.


  1. I saw that moment as a victory for Sheryl. Though I have always liked her, I've never counted her as one of my top 5 female comedians. If what she said is true, She was right to pass on the opportunity. Momma always said "If those people don't want you there, don't go there". Her time is now.

  2. Yes !! Stop listening to the background noise, and focus !

  3. Yes, an education is expensive, but ignorance will cost you a whole lot more. I'm waiting for the day that the masses really grasp this concept. I recall growing up and attending the Public Schools of NYC. I have no memory of being encouraged to attend college and pursue a career. The curriculum then was geared towards Technical and Vocational educations. My Mother was an educator. Retired now, she spent this past summer tutoring my nephew everyday, as he started first grade earlier this month. She now sits with him after school, and helps with his homework. This time is precious and will hopefully start him on a long lasting journey towards higher education.

  4. Totally agree. It stings when it happens, but we have to trust that everything happens for a reason. Who knows what anxiety she would have experienced on the road with them if she had not heard that conversation before hand. Yes, her time is now.

  5. I've been in a few conversations with people about this incident and while I found it very inspiring, some folks didn't see it that way. Personally, I think that Sheryl gave us a lot of lessons in this moment. The first being, sometimes people just don't like you. It could be something you've done, or just the way that you look. But you can take their criticism and turn it into a stepping stone. She didn't have to name names (that was a sore spot for a lot of folks) but I appreciated the feelings of that moment.

  6. I think too many underestimate the boost a FREE education can give you. Even college is heavily subsidized if you stick to an in-state public school and apply for financial aid. Pell Grants are real. If you stay at home you can get a bachelors degree for less than the cost of the average new car purchase in America (32,000). Seize the opportunity.