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My Thoughts On Ray Rice: Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Ray Rice: Judge not lest ye be judged | Yes, We Rise

Peace and Blessings Family!

Ok, by now I’m sure that everyone has heard about Ray Rice - one of my favorite football players, I must say – getting his livelihood stripped from him on Monday. Thus far, all I’ve heard from the public outcry is the Vilification of Ray Rice. Let me say this from the jump, so people won’t get it twisted…


What I am doing, however, is stating my humble opinion that I don’t look at him as being evil or even as being a bad person. But, that is exactly what I hear a lot of folks saying right now. I’ve heard the coffee room banter at work and some comments from random folks on the radio when I was in my car leaving work. Nearly everyone I’ve heard is saying the same thing, similar to these celebrity comments I just read on the internet:

Seth Rogen -- “I don't know much about football, but I know that Ray Rice is a piece of garbage who shouldn't be allowed to play it professionally anymore.”
Jay Glazer -- “I am never speechless. That ray rice video... beyond words. Ban him now! ... If you play a violent sport & are violent toward a woman ur right to play that sport should be taken away. Plus his callous disregard for her well being after she was KO'd is equally as disturbing. Absolutely disgraceful.”
Scott Fujita – “I'm glad no one this morning seems to care about yesterday's games. This piece of sh** needs to be out of the league. Period.”

Read more:

Wow! “Piece of garbage”? “Piece of sh**”? Really!?! Again, I’m not defending Rice’s actions, but, I’m not going to demean the man either. When you point a finger at someone like that, don’t you realize that you’ve got 3 fingers pointing right back at your ass?!? Ask YOURSELF if Ray Rice’s f*ck-up was any worse than one of yours…that didn’t get videotaped.

What happened to the eternal command: Judge not lest ye be judged?

Seriously, I’d like for anyone to chime in and correct me if I’m wrong... I’ve not heard one bad word against Ray Rice prior to the casino incident. Quite the contrary, I’ve only heard great things about the man, including all of the public service work that he does and for the genuine smile and good nature that he’s known for.

Read: Ray Rice makes impact in youth community

I call myself a “Good Man”. Yet, I’ll be THE FIRST ONE in a room to raise his hand and say that I’ve done a few f*cked up things in my life. I’ve regretted nearly every one of them. If I had a chance to do them all over again in hopes of a better result, I would…without hesitation!

I would bet good money on Ray Rice wishing that he could relive that casino scene in confidence that he would’ve made a much better decision than to strike his lady like that. He’s asked for forgiveness in sincere fashion. Personally, I believe that it should be given to him.

On that note, I have to ask a few questions, starting with the obvious one for me:

  • Can a “Good Man” commit a major f*ck-up…and still be a good person? YES!!!
  • Is Ray Rice wrong for what he did? HELL YES!!!
  • Should he be banned for life from the NFL? HELL NO!!!
  • Should he be suspended for the season? Quite possibly, but I’m leaning more towards YES!
  • Should he be in jail? Honestly, I’m not so sure for a first-time offender.
  • Should he get “some help”? YES, MOST DEFINITELY!! He not only needs to be counseled; he and his wife together need counseling.

In all of the comments that I’ve seen on the net, I did find one that resonated very well within me. Deion Sanders said quite poignantly:

“Instead of @RayRice27 and his Wife being the topic of your conversation today for the video let's PRAY for them and their marriage.”

That’s what I want to see everyone doing - praying for Ray and his wife. I don’t know Ray Rice personally, but, I’ve been a fan of his since he started playing for the Ravens. I call myself a sentient being because I can sense good or bad vibes from a person. I’ve always felt a good vibe from Ray Rice, even from afar via the TV waves.

As such, after seeing this very unfortunate incident, I’m viewing Ray as a GOOD MAN who did a BAD THING. I’m not seeing him as a “piece of sh*t” or as “garbage” because of his bad deed. I believe that the man made a gross error in judgment. Period! I believe that he should be punished for that mistake, as long as it is fair. Yes, I said FAIR!

Banning him for a season may be well within the limits of fairness. However, banning him for life is absurd; and, it doesn’t fit the penalty for someone’s first offense. His livelihood should not be stripped from him because of this incident…but that’s just my opinion.

One Love!! – DJ Scientific aka Markie B


  1. Let me start with... this is a good post. I appreciate your perspective. I don't share it.

    How many times must a woman be assaulted before it matters? If once isn't enough... how far is far enough? Does she have to have a black eye? A broken arm? Bruises on her rib cage? The selective outrage of so many about this incident amazes me. He punched her in her face and knocked her out cold.

    For that he lost his job.

    In my opinion, he still got off easy. Had she died from that "first offense" would you still advocate for him? Would you be cool if this was your sister? Your friend?

    Plenty of things in a relationship or a marriage are sacred, secret and special. Violence is not one of those things.

  2. Nic, let me start by thanking you for your comments. Though you don't agree with the perspective I've taken in this post, I respect your opinion wholeheartedly.

    You asked, "Had she died from that "first offense" would you still advocate for him?"

    Well, firstly, I'm not advocating for him because I stated clearly in the post that I neither condone nor support his actions. Secondly, if she had died, then my post would be the same as I would still refrain from calling him an "abuser". The title infers a PATTERN of behavior as the definition of an "abuser" is "someone who regularly or habitually abuses someone or something, in particular." So, my perspective would be the same.

    You asked, "Would you be cool if this was your sister? Your friend?"

    I wouldn't be cool with either, just like I'm not cool with what Ray Rice did to his wife. Hypothetically speaking, after Ray received a big beat down for knocking my sister or dear friend out cold, my perspective would still be the same. I would not label the man an "abuser", a "piece of sh*t", or "garbage" because of this ONE incident. Prior to this incident, I hadn't heard a single bad word about Ray Rice. Since February (plenty of time for the sleuths at TMZ to pull up some dirt on the dude), I haven't seen or heard a single report that speaks to a violent past for Ray Rice. So, again, my perspective remains the same. In fairness, I will offer this. If I see evidence of prior DV or other violent acts from RR, then my perspective of him could very well change...

  3. I worked right across the street from the White House, but God saw it fit that I would be home that day. I was preparing to go to a funeral when everything occurred. I saw everything unfold live before my eyes. I had my children in the basement watching PBS. I lived in the Annapolis phone exchange which phone lines did not jam up like Baltimore and Washington and I served as the go-between to let loved ones know that they were ok. I spent most of the day on the phone with my best friend and we cried together as we watched both of the Twin Towers collapse. Other times, I stood outside with my neighbors as we watched F-16's fly over from Fort Meade. It profoundly affected me and caused post-traumatic stress. It was a day I will never forget and hope I will never have to encounter again. One thing I haven't done since that day was watch any footage related to 9/11. As I am typing this, my television and radio is off and yes, I am at home today, not so much because of fear, but because I simply because it's a very emotional day for me.

  4. Thanks for the blog Mark. Ray Rice is not good person. We all fall short and our ability to admit our shortcomings is the "path to goodness". The idea that we are somehow good based on our acts is false if you also do things that are bad. So what makes us "Good"?
    If you listen to the press conference, he apologized to everyone but his wife and has never really come clean with what happened on that day (not just what he did, but how he felt about what he did). This is essential to healing himself, his wife and family. This guy has a long way to go! About his job, he was not suspended for life. The suspension is indefinite. He'll be able to reapply for eligibility. As to whether or not he plays again...your guess is as good as mine...
    Lastly regarding Deion's post. Prayer is essential but there is a reason why this has been exposed in this manner. The issue is sestimic. For too long, the NFL and the world have been turning a bling eye to this type of violence and contrary to popular opinion, violent acts such as these are not private matters. These are criminal acts and should be exposed as such. Neither are they family matters. That type of thinking does not work. Ray and his wife are horrified at the manner in which the media is exposing this and I can see where they are coming from. Instead they should use this platform to come forth and talk openly about their problems and not only have others pour into them but pour what they have learned into others. Sometimes God allows us to commit acts that knock us down, so that He can be glorified when we get up.

  5. I was in my office, about 8 blocks from WTC. That day, as in every other, I viewed the WTC in the distance as I travelled the BQE/Gowanus Expwy on my way to work...

  6. This post is an advocation for him. Let the chips fall where they may. To ask for people to be restrained in their judgment of your favorite football player, without the same level of advocacy for other people in same or similar predicaments insinuates that he is special and needs a privilege that others aren't afforded.

  7. Nic, respectfully, there are a plethora of articles specifically discussing the victim in this case, Janay Rice, and bringing light to domestic violence. I could've written another article talking about that perspective; but, I didn't.

    Despite your opinion, I am not an advocate for the act that Ray Rice committed. Was I a Ray Rice fan before this incident? Yes, because I respected his athletic abilities! Am I a Ray Rice fan today? Yes, because I respect his athletic abilities, despite the act he committed. It's like my brother committing a crime. I wouldn't like it; but, he'd still be my brother. I wouldn't disown or demean his character because of one mistake. If he had a history of doing criminal activities, then his character may be clearly labeled. If he committed a single atrocity, I wouldn't make statements that refer to him as a serial offender, like the word "abuser" infers a pattern of behavior and not a one-time act.

    Ray Rice was wrong...point blank!!! I agree with you in saying the chips will fall where they may. Wherever they fall, I pray that he has learned a valuable lesson such that we'll never hear of him laying hands on another woman, especially his wife. I also pray that his wife heals from her wounds, both physical and mental. I pray that both of them - if they truly love each other - can work through this together and grow...together and in peace!

    Despite our differences, I totally respect your opinion Nic!

    One Love!!

  8. I remember like it was yesterday where I, sitting at home playing sick from work because something told me do not go to work today. It was strange because i was starting my new job on Monday, but i had an over powering feeling not to go to work. So i did not. it was one of the scariest days of my life, i was living in chicago, i have family and friends in NYC and in DC. i spent the whole day on the phone trying to reach people.

  9. I'll never forget it. I was finishing up flight school at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL. I had gotten up pretty early that morning studying for a syllabus flight. (I think it was a low level). I was studying in silence, no radio, no TV. I was calculating in-flight winds, checking all my charts, going over all the radio frequencies, the emergency procedures, everything. I was in my mode and determined to be on my game that day. I had a 1200 takeoff time with a 1600 BINGO. I had probably gotten up at 0400 to get ready. It was about 0800, I had done all my studying and was ready to go. I jumped in the shower, zipped up my flight suit, put my dog tags on, and was looking for my car keys when my cell phone rang. It was one of my boys, a fellow aviator. I figured he had something to tell me about my flight so I picked up the phone. "YOOOOOOOOOO!!! You watchin' the news?!?!" I'm like nah, what's crackin'?" I turned on the TV and there it was, 9-11. I sat and watched the news coverage for a few minutes to try to make sense of it and then called into the hangar. All flights were cancelled, the entire American aviation community was grounded, the base was on alert, and I was advised to remain in quarters until further notice. That was September 11th. I finished flight school the week before Thanksgiving. I went to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with my mother. The following Saturday I was headed out to Hawaii to join up with my Fleet Squadron. Two weeks after that...I was in Afghanistan bringing justice to our enemies. #GONAVY #FLYNAVY #STAYNAVY