Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Love & Hip NOT

Love & Hip NOT| Yes, We Rise

Peace Fam!

So, I checked out the Reunion episode of Love and “Hip Hop” Atlanta the other night.

My reaction to it? In my best Florida Evans voice...


I can’t believe the pure ratchetness that I witnessed. Supposed ladies of Hip-Hop getting buck wild on TV - in front of their kids and in front of the world! Supposed gentlemen of Hip-Hop doing childish stunts and breaking all sorts of Bro Codes on TV - in front of their kids and in front of the world! This is supposed to be Hip-Hop? C’mon son!! Not in my book!

If I’ve said it before, then I’ve said it a thousand times; Hip-Hop was founded on the principles of Love, Peace, Unity, and having Fun. I don’t see any of this in the show Love & “Hip-Hop”.

Love & Hip NOT| Yes, We Rise
The ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Every time I write that name, I have to put Hip-Hop in quotes because what we see in that show is not true to the game! It’s not consistent with Real Hip-Hop.  It would be cool if they called the show “Love & Ratchetness” or even “Love & Ratchet Rappers”! Any damn thing except Love & “Hip-Hop” works for me. I see no Love, and honestly, I don’t really see too much Hip-Hop going on.

Seriously, I’ve actually seen other music themed reality shows on TV like “The Voice” and “American Idol” and even a drama series like “Nashville” that allow the featured artists to break good, new, original music.

Keep it one hunnid… 

How many GOOD, original songs have you heard coming out of the series Love & “Hip-Hop” Atlanta? NONE!!! NADDA!! NATHAN!!! And you have the nerve to call it “Hip-Hop”.

I don’t hear any “Boom” or any “Bap”! Being a Hip-Hop fanatic, I find it blasphemous to put the words “Hip-Hop” in the title at all.

I say this because instead of Love, I see Hate, Revenge, Greed, Lust, and Deceit! Instead of Peace, I see Senseless Violence, Anger, and Envy! Instead of Unity, I see Disarray, Self-Centeredness, and Crabs in the Barrel! Instead of pure Fun…well, I can’t lie. I do see them having a lot of fun... but, dammit... 1-outta-3 doesn’t make the grade for calling yourself Hip-Hop!

Ok, I’m going to say this with all due respect, instead of music, I see this show as a gathering of people in the game who, at one point, had their place in the limelight from a music perspective and as such, they are now trying to capitalize on other ventures, like fashion, modeling, media…and even porn! I see folks allegedly “going to the studio”; but, I don’t see any good products coming out of those studios. I take that back. The ONE decent product that came from the ATL version of L&HH was K. Michelle! Her album was cool; and, her single “V.S.O.P.” was not bad at all. I even rocked it on one of my mixtapes!

There’s one thing that this show does very well. It perpetuates the stereotype that you can take an individual out of the hood; but, you can’t take the hood out of the individual – male or female.

No one on the show, it seems, can control his or her attitude, even in public and in front of cameras. What’s it going to be like in 5 to 10 years when your child can look back and see videos and clearly see that Mommy or Daddy was pretty much f*cked up in the head!? How will you explain your actions to your child, or even to yourself for that matter?

Love & “Hip-Hop”? 

Nah man! I don’t see it or understand it. I don’t blame any of the players on that show either. I’m looking sideways at the folks who assembled the cast of pawns (namely Mona Scott-Young). Respectfully, I say pawns because I can’t avoid seeing the fact that they are being played by the producers of this sensationalist journalism, in its finest form. The name of the game is profit or perish. The producers of the show profit handsomely off of controversy and the perpetuation of BEEF!

I get it, honestly. You're trying to make a profit. Sex and controversy and big ticket items... What I DON’T get is why you have to connect the debauchery to Hip-Hop.

Honestly, I won’t lie and say that I won’t watch Pt. 3 of the reunion next week. Why? I can’t front. I’m now caught up in the pure drama of it all. However, I’m still offended by them throwing Hip-Hop in the middle of the ratchet shenanigans that I see each week. It just has absolutely nothing to do with Hip-Hop! So, call it something else and I’ll be cool.

Drops mic and walks away…

*Markie B*
DJ Scientific


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