Monday, September 22, 2014

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Are you listening...?

Listen: Your intuition is trying to get your attention | Yes, We Rise Listen... can you hear it? Does it sound like someone you know?

Maybe its not even a voice at all. Just a feeling in your gut or a flutter in your spirit. We all have one and its always trying to get our attention.

For whatever reason, more often than not, we choose to ignore it, allowing our "rational mind" to move us in another direction. The little whisper... your spirit voice... God... whatever you call it and however it gets your attention, know that it is well intentioned and speaking for your good.

Isn't it crazy sometimes how you notice the most random of things and think to yourself "Hmmm, that's strange?"

Do you leave the house headed down the same road you travel everyday and get random inclinations to take a different route, only to ignore it and end up stuck in massive traffic, kicking yourself for not having followed your instinct? I can recall with great clarity the moment I met "him" and thought to myself "something is up with this dude," but, yet I dated him anyway. We are only doing a disservice to ourselves when we ignore the voices/signs/messages that are being sent to us.

Perhaps, your delay or your struggle is rooted in your unwillingness to pay attention to the help and instructions that are being sent specifically for you.

I don't know about you -- but, i can no longer afford to waste another moment of time or energy doing the wrong thing, wasting time or learning a lesson over again because I missed it the first, third or fifth time. I am at a point in my life where I have too much that I want and need to do that serves my purpose on this earth. When I listen, things go a lot better.

Listen: Your intuition is trying to get your attention | Yes, We Rise

What is the voice and how does it sound?

God/Allah/The universe, however you ascribe your divine guidance and instructor, is constantly speaking to us and trying to get our attention. It's a simple as the gut instinct you feel or the resolve and peace you have about a situation or circumstance, that lets you know its alright.
Sometimes its a "hmmm..." moment...then its an "interesting, never noticed that before" thought...then its  attention grabbing, like a pebble or brick upside the head...and then it's DRAMA! And you're feeling like you just ran into a brick wall. It increases its efforts until it gets our attention. I don't know about you, but I am done with brick wall moments.

Why should we pay attention?

It is our job to LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION and here's why:

1. It's Always for Our Good - Our divine guidance is trying to help us get to the place where we can be our best selves and make the greatest contribution to this place we call earth. If it's going to cause you harm or makes you want to hurt yourself, its not God/Allah or the universe speaking. 

2. It Make Us Stronger - We CANNOT face this world alone. When we trust the voice inside us and follow its leading, we are not alone. If anything, its like having a personal escort or tour guide through this thing called life. So, it's not just me or you against the's the two of us or y'all against the world...capable of handling EVERYTHING that comes our/your way. 

3. It Gives Us An Advantage - There is nothing like having a leg up on the competition. When we listen and are obedient, we see trouble before it even turns the corner. It allows us to better face the challenges and not get caught off guard.

4. It Makes Us More Efficient - When we know where you are going and what we are supposed to be doing, it takes a lot less time than when we don't. By listening and trusting the voice inside of us, we avoid the pitfalls and potholes along the road. We no longer waste time wondering down ends, working on fruitless efforts and doing stuff in vain.

5. You Cannot Afford Not To - Is your way working? Are you where you are supposed to be or want to be? Are you getting younger instead of older? If you can honestly say that you have all the answers and are working things out just fine without "a little help" that's great. However, if you are frustrated, unmotivated, anxious to do more, feeling lost, depressed, unsure, and even curious - then you need to pay a little more attention. Our help, release, resolve, goals and aspirations, are within reach, but we have got to follow directions to reach them.

Going from occasionally tuning-in or not listening at all, to obediently listening is not easy and does take practice. The more we listen and pay attention, the more we will hear and see. Trust yourself, trust your instincts and stay connected. Whether you pray, meditate, sit quietly or whatever it is you do to connect to your divine inspiration, do it more. You will be amazed at the results.

Peace, Joy and Love,
Michelle H.


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