Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Is All Press Good?

Urban Outfitters... what were you thinking?

While licking my wounds of some failed plans, and looking for a better opportunity, something rather disturbing popped across my news feed on Facebook.

I know Urban Outfitters ™ is known for shock value in their clothing but I for the life of me cannot understand why they would think this would be a good idea. A throw back Kent State sweatshirt, that in its self is cool, but to add the blood splatter? And a price tag of $129?!

For those who do not know Kent State University, on May 4, 1970, 4 college students were shot and killed during a protest, (click here for more information: THE MAY 4 SHOOTINGS AT KENT STATE UNIVERSITY).

In more recent years school shootings have been for other reasons, but they are still just as disturbing. Which is why for the life for me I cannot FATHOM why Urban Outfitters would do this? And think that they would get no backlash. Or maybe that is what they wanted. To help them sell these EXTREMELY over-priced sweatshirt. And now they want to apologize for coming up with this. Don’t apologize, because you are not sorry you did it. When will we start punishing retailers for behaving badly? This is inexcusable, period. Never mind it is poor taste, especially given this post 9/11 world we live in, with another terror threat around the corner it seems like. Shame on Urban Outfitters, I would expect better out of this retailer. Maybe that is my issue I expect more out the places where we spend our money, that they would be more socially correct.

What do you all think? Do you think that Urban Outfitters is just poking the ferret so to speak and we are just making too much of this? Or is this in poor taste, and action needs to be taken against this retailer?

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  1. Great post. I have had some of these distractions myself but recognized them and turned myself around. Now I'm on the right path and have an attainable five year goal with a plan. I'm so psyched behind it and because it's something I truly want to accomplish I know it will be attainable.

  2. 6. Quit Hanging Around Losers - I subscribe to that old adage that birds of a feather flock together. If you're hanging around a bunch of losers on your job, that's because you're one of them. Do what successful people do and be where successful people are. Sometimes success is as simple as changing social circles. Success is contagious. Catch it. The powers of association works in both directions.

  3. Nice Post. I think we often know these things but need to be reminded often. Thanks for helping me to remember what I should/need to be doing...