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How To Exercise Without Really Exercising

How to exercise without really exercising | Yes, We Rise


What's really stopping you from exercising?

Exercise is absolutely essential for your body to operate at its fullest potential. We all know there are several ways to get moving, burn calories and lose weight. It seems that there are no shortages of gyms, yoga classes, Zuumba classes, running clubs, and others that one can join in the quest for fitness.

 However, I am often asked how can a person exercise when they have:

  • financial or transportation limitations that prohibit them from joining a gym
  • physical challenges that make exercising painful or difficult to do
  • space limitations that make exercising at home difficult
  • a disdain for exercise as a whole for reasons personal to them

Exercise can be achieved while performing every day tasks.

Gym memberships and fitness classes are not required to get fit.

Is your money funny like mine is? Can you spend at least $5.00 on an exercise DVD? You can find many of them for $5.00 or less in the bargain bins at retailers such as Walmart, Big Lots, or in the free section of

If you can't pay anything but attention, there is always, where you can find a plethora of fitness videos and exercise demonstrations for you to choose from.

You don't have access to the web or have a smartphone, you say? 

 Well, you can always visit your local library and check out fitness DVDs and books. Talk with your friends. Tell them about your desire to move and get fit. You'd be surprised at how many friends have DVDs that will burn a copy for you or have fitness equipment that they will let you borrow or have at no charge.

Are you a cable subscriber?

Many cable companies offer "On Demand" libraries, where with a few presses of the remote.

What about those who aren't near a gym or a library? 

Can you walk? Can you walk in place or step side to side for at least 30 minutes to your favorite music? Do you own anything portable that has at least 3-10 pounds in weight that you can lift with one or both hands? Do own a jump rope or wire clothesline? Walking around your neighborhood, or the park or trail of your choice for at least 30 minutes a day can definitely contribute to your need for cardio activity. Walking in place or stepping side to side while raising your arms in varied repetitions for at least 30 minutes can also help you achieve your cardio goals.

People who don't own barbells or dumbbells can recreate the same effect by using weighted objects for toning and strengthening. 

How to exercise without really exercising | Yes, We Rise
Cans of vegetables, a heavy briefcase, a baby (yes, a baby), are just a few examples of what one can use to create weight resistance and work those muscles. Many folks have lost weight (believe it or not) creating makeshift gyms in the privacy of their homes. All it takes is a little creativity and an ounce of will and determination.

Do you have physical limitations such as back injuries or knee injuries that make exercising an excruciating endeavor? 

Are you able to sit? Can you raise your arms or legs repetitively? If so, you can get your exercise in by raising your legs or arms repetitively at for at least 15-20 minutes on a daily basis, or every other day. Range of motion is necessary for muscle repair and recovery, toning, and strengthening. Failure to move in those situations can cause loss in muscle mass.

Do you, like many, hate to exercise? 

If so, then you must do a bit of soul searching. When I ask various friends and family to join me during my workouts, the look of disgust makes me pause. I often ask why I get the reactions I do, and the consensus is the same, "I HATE exercising." I've heard answers such as, "I don't want to deal with the pain afterwards", or "I don't wanna sweat out my hair", or "I've tried to work out and I can't lose weight".

One must thoroughly examine what the real reasons are and whether or not they are legitimate or excuses. One must determine and examine whether they are willing to sacrifice their leanings for the ultimate goal of fitness and overall health.

I pray that somewhere in this scribe, you will find a little piece of you and make a decision that will steer you toward total health. Make your day a blessed one!

**Stiletto Lova**


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