Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Civility in Black Social Media?

Civility in black social media | Yes, We Rise
I'm thinking that I'm not the only person who had a tough week.

Wherever you weigh in on the Ray Rice fiasco, it probably still jars your spirit every time you hear another conversation about Ray and Janay. I have yet to watch the entire thing and frankly, I don't have to - I've heard enough, read enough summaries and synopses and evaluations to get the drift. Besides, a knockout punch is a knockout punch. I don't watch boxing for the same reason.

The media coverage of the Rices is coming on the heels of the minute-by-minute footage of the massacre of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Iyanla brought a sense of healing to the fractured town of Ferguson, but even that still left me with a throbbing headache and a heart full of questions.

Can I make a request for the upcoming week?

We are dealing with some very weighty, heart-wrenching, soul-troubling events that can shake us to our soul. So as we come up on a fresh new week, let me share just a few thoughts...

  • Allow others to speak their truth
As a people, we have been taught over the past few hundred years to think as a group. We've been told that other ethnic groups work together, hustle together, and so we try and think together. Yucky! I'm hoping that whatever lies ahead for us next month - and praying for peace in the land - we allow people to share their thoughts. Not cosign ours. 
Remember that very few of us are experts, even if each of us has been given lots of bandwidth and potential for international exposure. A wonderful gift, but with it comes a responsibility to extend towards each other what we want for ourselves.
The freedom to think what we will, along with an expectation of courtesy after we write what we think.

  • Social Media - where you can lecture AND learn
Going back for a second, social media contains so few actual subject-matter experts and so many "I know for a fact-ers".  I just finished advocating for you to have a space to speak your truth. Can we try and keep our truth at least remotely related to the truth? 
Remember that everybody who has had an experience has not learned the lesson. ( I know. 'cause I keep repeating some). Share. Don't bludgeon. Name-calling when people disagree with you is so not a good look.

  •  Try and find the good
Statistics show that while the growth in organized religion is relatively flat, more and more people are self-identifying as spiritual. Yet, there is a flavor of voyeurism, of "how much ugly can I find to post...and repost?" And not a lot of higher thinking to dispel the evil that we see all around us. 
Civility in black social media | Yes, We Rise Hands up, Michael Brown was murdered. How many different ways do I need to see that?  And I'm not even going into the elevator fracas. It's almost like a movie trailer - a little bit a few weeks ago and now you get to see the entire film. Enough already. Wherever you weigh in, you've probably seen it enough, Or maybe you haven't. At least think about whether you've seen it enough.
 All us spiritual folks must read the Bible (or the Quran, or the Torah) so we know that God is good. He loves us when we slip, but He is good and wants only good for us. Drowning in drama does not show us, or bring us, good.
"A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health" - 
Prov. 15:30. 

I'm all for good health. I'm all for being a light in the darkness. I'm about to stop sniping on social media, to listen and learn, and to act like I have some good old-fashioned manners.

I'm about to be civil next week. Please join me. #seegoodseeGod


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